Snippet, supremacy, acquiring knowledge

Diocese of Parañaque – Kin D. Bueno

Doctor Salience – Soul, supremacy

“Thus Jotham continued to grow strong because he made sure to walk before the Lord, his God” (2 Chronicles 27:6); the divine hope of Christians lies in moral integrity. The more integrity we have the more we can understand the truth. The perspective of God assures us that we can understand according to moral love; hence, perhaps we can learn the Triune divinity, and learn according to the supremacy of love. The perspective of truth gives us a natural divine perspective. “From many dangers you have saved me from flames that best me on every side” (Sirach 51:3-4); the divine holiness of Christ assures us an understanding of truth, with morality we can understand the morality of truth. Hence, our considerable knowledge of God is based on moral perspective. “Pilate also had an inscription written and put on the cross” (John 19:19); the morality of Christ assures us divine true understanding of dogmatic love, with perspective we can learn Triune morality.”If they had heeded the warning they could have escaped with their lives” (Ezekiel 33:5); the divine dominance of the cross, can be learned from the Triune perspective of God; hence to understand truth is to understand morality. “And because they deliberately swore false oaths, despising piety” (Wisdom 15:30); the divine integrity of the biblical script can be learned from observing Trinitarian truth.


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