De Fide and Divine Omnipotence

De Fide and Divine Omnipotence

Greetings in Christ,

Our knowledge of the Eucharist expands our awareness of the cosmic reality. Since Christ’s salvific knowledge of the moral order is morally true, the Eucharist
dims us knowledgeable of all divine acts. De Fide allows us to “know” all theologies. More so, that theology helps us to understand the reality of sin.

Sin has adverse effects of morality. Since morality adheres to the existence of God, sin separates us from God as if He were “alienable”. The radical
knowledge of sin, helps us to believe in morality, since God is supremely and infinitely Good, sin gives us the negative effect in believing in Him.

Moreover, the positivity of sin gives rise to the persistence of God’s will. God’s will signifies the eternal goodness, and cannot subject to to evil,
since God in His infinity signifies morality, and sacredness. What is it that in morality that God’s will ravel of? Only God is goodness. Since God is goodness,
we can reflect of the radical possibility of His existence. Since to understand Goodness is to know God’s existence, to side track God’s definitive awareness
of the moral order is not credible.

Divine omnipotence allows us to give credence to God’s moral knowledge of the Trinitarian now, and His credible knowledge of the eternal and true order.
Since God cannot exclude anyone to salvation, His supreme justice signifies it. The divine knowledge of God gives rise to the radical possibility of salvation.
The Trinity desires moral communion by becoming realistic in our interpretation of the sacred reality. To ignore the calling of Eucharistic love, is to exclude
our eternal good. The Gospel assures us of the Infinite. Since the Infinite requires us to believe in the moral order, our calling to the possibility
of salvation must be taken seriously, since its imminent calling is made known in one’s conscience.

The desire for salvation must start with love, since love is not sentimental but an iron hot proof of God’s existence, the hardening of our hearts, must not
be in effect, since the possibility of grace is essentially possible. To discredit grace, is to not believe in the possibility of salvation.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

Blessed Mother, thank you for your love

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen

In Christ through Mary,


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