“You shall never be put to shame or disgrace in any future age” (Isaiah 46:17); the divine conscious effort of God expresses the divine concept of the Word. The Word, who is all knowing, causes us to believe in Him through the Gospel. The Gospel cannot deviate from the eternal plan, rather its deviation is a sin against love. The divine Word cannot act without His strength known according to divinity. Further, divinity cannot prove itself, without the Godhead of truth. Divinity, is not by Himself, God, without the Godhead of truth. Further, the existence of the soul of the Father, is controversially leading us to the supreme eternal truth of God. The Father knows very well the needs of everybody, and by this dogmatic concept we can ravel at the possibilities of truth. Truth in itself is consonant, it cannot be invariably understood without the holy light and radical interest to do so. Truth cannot be multiple at the same time without the supreme eternal now. The Word of God to exist at more than one time cannot be an approval of the divine law, rather, divine law always proves that only one God exists. Further, the divine interests of the moral Word gives us a sense of true direction, a sense of true meaning in our lives.




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