Unified law

“We have come to believe are convinced that you are the Holy One of God” (John 7:69); the divine Holy Spirit gives us an understanding that gives us truth. With His credibility in mind, we can learn the divine permanency to accept the moral life. Since Jesus, in His divine life, gives us an understanding of moral truth, the natural understanding to believe in God’s dogma is correct. The Holy Spirit understands facts, and allows us to understand the supremacy of the Pope. Further, the supremacy of divine credibility can be understood in the light of holy evidence. “When they climbed out on shore, they saw a charcoal fire with fish on it and bread” (John 21:9); the integrity of the Papacy assures us a divine credibility in understanding Triune morality. “If you do these things, manifest yourself to the world” (John 7:4); the Holy Trinity’s designs are in accord with divine morality. Since the Trinity desires an understanding of moral law.



Doctor Salience, Kin Bueno


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