Royal Catechism, volume

Question 2099 – Explain divine

Divine is based on Triune will.


Question 2100 – What is Trinitarian?

Trinitarian proves that God’s axis defines true understanding.


Question 2101 – What is Trinity?

Trinity proves that God’s proof of existence is correct.


Question 2102 – Is Yahweh Trinity?

Yahweh’s axis proves that the Triune Love is infinitely correct.


Question 2103 – Is Jesus Trinity?

Jesus’ Trinitarian expression proves that the begotten Son of God exists.


Question 2104 – Is the Holy Spirit Trinity?

The Holy Spirit is Triunely correct.


Question 2105 – Is the Eucharist Trinity?

The Eucharistic life, is Trinitarian.


Question 2106 – Is God Trinity?

God is absolutely and cosmically love and Triunely loveable.


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