Dogma: Truth exists by nature

. Truth exists by nature

Truth is existentially understandable through moral evidence. The Holy Spirit desires its moral sanctification, further the sanctification of Truth is an anointing of the divine spirit of the Cross. The Holy Spirit desires an understanding of moral truth; and by reason of supernatural love assures us confidence in divine truth. The Holy Spirit’s understanding is assured of its moral credence. The divine integrity of the script is morally understandable by reason of supernatural choice. Hence, the dogmatic theology of Truth assures us an understanding of love. The Trinity desires moral sanctification, and by His word, assures us that reality is in accord with Triune moral love. The supernatural Triune evidence of morality adheres for us a Eucharistic integrity of moral truth. Hence, truth manifests itself in the supernatural Triune evidence of supernatural morality. The credences of moral truth assures us an understanding of divine secrecy.


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