Universal salvation

Diocese of Parañaque – Kin D. Bueno
La Pente – Universal
Universal salvation

The sins of others must be kept in moral secrecy. For sins always allow us to recognize the supernatural mercy of God. Without discretion, it can be said
worthlessly. For us to understand the moral dignity of a sinner, we must allow him to understand God’s supernatural mercy. The moral mercy of the Creator
signifies moral and sacramental perfection. The unity in understanding of truth gives the possibility to understand the highest divine truth. God’s secrecy
allows us to understand the deep moral truth of Eucharistic and divine moral love. The secrecy of sacramental love must be given moral and true cosmic
and natural priority. The unity of moral faith gives radical recognition for moral truth, by the secret God. The supreme evidence of truth is a moral
certainty to understand God’s true morality. The seraphic love of the Triune Mercy is moral since His credible knowledge is supremely understood in divine.
The Trinity knows for a fact the reason for natural and true faith. Since the cosmos was created for true mercy, the supernatural true adhering love
is truly and Triunely definable moral in its sacred dynamism. The Holy Spirit’s subtle and natural “commands” are primarily true satisfying. The Holy Spirit’s
divine moralcy, is in accord with God’s supernatural love. The definitive intelligence to believe Eucharistic love is divinely and supremely, in divine essence,
credibly understood in the morality of God. The essence of supremacy must be in accord with Eucharistic divine and supreme knowledgeable truth. The supreme
essence of morality is in accord with God’s true divine and moral existence. Since the supreme Eucharistic truth is in accord with moral love, His credence
and true moralibility, is primarily correct. Moralcy is a definition of moral intelligence. Moralibility, is a definition of true cosmic intelligence.
The signifying truth of morality is credible. The signifying morality of God gives us “essence”. The supreme knowledge of moral truth is credible, in the
supreme dynamism of God.

The supernatural truth of God’s mercy gives rise to the evidence to love. God’s morality signifies truth, for in morality there is perfection of truth.
The evidence of love gives meaning to love. For in love, we can learn the divine truth of Love. The supernatural Logos, is supernaturally favorable of
all divine motions. Since the spirit of God knows only supernatural facts, we must learn the economy of supernatural truth. The evidence to believe gives
rise to the evidence of truth. The sanctifying mercy of the eternal and divine love gives us a supernatural boost to believe in God’s Triune love.
The evidence to understand is deeply moral and gives us a credibility to believe. Love gives us truth and truth gives us supernatural understanding.
The Triune evidence sanctifies by reason of supernatural Truth. The Holy Ghost understands morality, and understands the deep perfection of divine truth.
The universality of love gives rise to His infallible divine knowledge. The understanding of truth gives to the seamless dimensions of love.
The supernatural evidence to believe gives rise to supernatural evidence. The morality of the spirit of Truth gives meaning to all credible knowledges.
The knowledge of Marian truth gives rise to Marian knowledge. The evidence of God supernaturally is in accord with God’s Triune love. The mercy of love,
gives meaning to Triune Mercy. The supernatural adherence to create by reason of perfection is Truth. The natural evidence to create gives love a moral boost.
The evidence of Triune love creates a moral divine and true atmosphere. The credence of supernatural Truth must be in accord with supernatural evidence.
The evidence of love is moral by reason of supernatural perfection. The evidence to sanctify creates a true atmosphere, by reason of God’s perfection truth.
The reason for natural perfection gives rise to the meaning of truth.

La Pente – Universal

The divine credence of supreme Truth is highly credible, we can understand the divine Truth by supremacy. With the supreme reality of Christ we can learn
universality of love. With the spirit of God we can learn cosmic truth. The cosmos was created for the evidences of reality. With knowledges of divine
credibility, we can understand the cosmic ray of divine light. The cosmic truth of divinity allows us to infallibly understood truth. The evidences
of supreme knowledge gives us advantage to understand truth. The supremacy of credibility is supremely understood in the level of Eucharistic truth.
The evidences of morality gives us the advantage to believe in love. With supreme credibility we can understand Triune morality. With the credence
of divine love we can learn Triune morality. With the spirit of Truth known, we can see infallible knowledge. The divine Spirit of truth assures us
that credibility is credible. To understand the divine ray of truth is to believe in supernatural love. God’s love is infinitely vast and covers
all eternal knowledges. With the spirit of divine Truth we can learn the Holy Spirit’s understanding of morality. With credence we can learn to love,
and with Truth we can learn divine and correct judgement. The spirit of Christ gives us radical knowledge to undertand Triune morality. With the spirit
of God we can learn divine and true credibility. With Christ we can understand divine and true morality. Christ’s supremacy is understood in the light
of holy truth. With the evidences of morality we can understand Triune truth. The biblical knowledge of Christ is supremely royal, and cannot be understood
without the evidence to love. The divine knowledge of Triune love is credible. With the spirit of Truth we can understand divine moral knowledge.
God’s evidences are aligned with supreme truth. The divine credence of morality assures infallibility.


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