Doctrine of the Pontifical Canonical church


The truth about God is supremely one. For there is many truth, but we can learn that He is essentially one. How can this be? Truth’s multiplicity, is not true.

For in Truth’s multiplicity, is only based on love. For in multiplicity, we can learn infinitude. More so, that Truth is one, therefore multiplicity is correct.

Truth in His multiplicity is a definitive heresy. Truth is accessibly one, for He is true, in existence and in essence. Truth’s multiplicity, is true

only if love is correct. For in multiplicity, it explains an elimination of truth. Not by reason that Truth has weakness, but multiplicity, tries to eliminate.

Moreover, multiplicity, gives us a perspective of truth. Which in pre-existence, is imminently correct. There can never be multiplicity, without truth.

Truth’s multiplicity is not true, for a reason that it eliminates God. To eliminate truth is a definitive heresy. And to accept truth is infinitely Godly.

Truth gives us a perspective of what is true. And in truth there we can learn the perfection of truth. Truth can never be learned without Himself. And

with God there is truth. There is no error in truth for God is infinitely correct. The perspective of Truth gives us a natural perspective of who we are.

For in perspective we can learn God’s true existence. And in learning God’s existence, we can learn the pure truth. The purity of truth expounds that doctrine

is correct. Truth must be given natural perspective. For in perspective we can see pure truth. The Holy God assures us that we can learn pure truth. More so,

that historical evidence gives rise to Triune morality. The liberality of existence assures us that infinity is correct. For in infinity there is moral truth.

The truth of existence gives us the natural understanding of love. For in love, we can learn the divine truth. And in love we can see the morality of truth.


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