Orthodoxy and its relation to grace, Vatican in action.

Orthodoxy and its relation to grace.

“The word of the Lord came to me” (Ezekiel 7:1); the purpose of the divine truthfulness inside a Eucharistic mass assures us an understanding of morality in the divine consciousness of love. Hence God said “I came into this world for judgment” (John 10:39); with the perspective of Christ we can morally see the integrity of the Word; furthermore, we examine the life of Christ we can see a wealth of true divine information that leads us to worship. “This is Jerusalem! I placed it in the midst of the nations” (Ezekiel 5:5); the divine integrity of the Word assures us that God’s divinity is morally understood. “Hearts melted” (Joshua 5:1); within the eternity of Christ we can understand the supernatural need to understand mercy. Further the divine infallibility of the Pope assures us a burning hope inside our hearts. “Yes I have spoken, I will accomplish it” (Isaiah 47:11); the prophetic understanding of the Pope is in accord with the divine evidence of prophetic love. Further, the evidence for sanctification must be related to divinity. Without divine knowledge, orthodoxy is without life. And with the Magisterium, orthodoxy became strong and relation to all sorts of Ecumenical problem. “Because the Father is with me” (John 17:32); assures us that God’s moral knowledges give light to the hope of eternal grace. The divinity of Christ sheds to the possibility to morally understand the hopelessness of creatures; further, the examination to understand the divine governance of the one true Love must be in accord with the divine expectancy of Triune morality. “Beloved, do not be surprised that a trial by fire is occurring among you, as if something strange were happening to your” (1 Peter 5:12); The divine integrity of the Word is assuring and giving us strength amidst our trials. The eternal Word knows all reasons for facts, and all reasons to understand truth. “I will lift up my hands, calling on your name” (Psalms 63:5); the Papacy’s image assures us that we can understand according to truth.


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