Heresy, a dominion of saints.

Diocese of Parañaque – Kin D. Bueno

Doctor Salience

La pente – non-local

Heresies of the current age.

Heresy 1: The divine God is not a conscious God.

Heresy 2: The divinity unity is dividable.

Heresy 3: The divinity is not a one God, a multi-prophetic God.

Heresy 4: The divine unity in the mind is conscious of its feeling.

Heresy 5: Human beings do not live according to plan.

Heresy 6: The divine mind is conscious of the Trinity.

Heresy 7: The divine feelings of God is multi-present.

Heresy 8: God is not a word for a name.

Heresy 9: The divine unity is not responsible for our demise.

Heresy 10: The catechesis is fallible.

Heresy 11: The divine unity in heresy is possible.

Heresy 12: The divine essence can be quantified but not qualified.

Heresy 13: Observation is quasi-round.

Heresy 14: Observation divided is a heresy.

Heresy 15: the divine intelligence of animals is primordial

Heresy 16: The divine mind is capable of being changed.

Heresy 17: The divine unity is quasi-acceptable.

Heresy 18: The divine unity is understanding is fallible.

Heresy 19: The divine Gospel is quasi-integral.

Heresy 20: The pre-supposition of truth is quasi-acceptable.

Heresy 21: The divine union of the Gospel is possible.

Heresy 22: The supposition of error is quasi-primordial.

Heresy 23: Educational errors is impossible to rule.

Heresy 24: Possibility is not a concept.

Heresy 25: the Lord is biblically knowledgeable without evidence.

Heresy 26: The Lord is not sleeping.

Heresy 27: God’s unity is fallibility acceptable.

Heresy 28: Error in mind is not possible.

Heresy 29: The Gospel is timelessness in actuality.

Heresy 30: The observation of God is quasi-acceptable.

Heresy 31: The integrity of the Gospel can be compromised.

Heresy 32: The divine unity has two divine language.

Heresy 33: The Gospel is Triunely Trinitarian if possible.

Heresy 34: The Eucharistic bread is Triunely acceptable to the mortally deranged eye.

Heresy 35: The divine understanding of truth deviates us from the Gospel.

Heresy 36: The real presence of God is cosmic.

Heresy 37: The cosmic Gospel is possible without the Triune evidence of life.

Heresy 38: The Gospel divided is possible.

Heresy 39: The Gospel is the Word of the Flesh.

Heresy 40: The Incarnate Word is dividable by essence.

Heresy 41: The Word divided is truth.

Heresy 41: The Word is not from the beginning of primordiality.

Heresy 42: The Word is primordial in essence.

Heresy 43: The Word’s essence is infallibly Trinitarianly knowledgeable.

Heresy 44: The Word’s divinity is hidden from the eyes of the seeker.

Heresy 45: The Word’s divinity is not acceptable to the mortal eye.

Heresy 46: The Eucharist divided is a divinity divided.

Heresy 47: The Eucharist’s integrity can be known without evidence.

Heresy 48: The Eucharist divided does not move.

Heresy 49: Observatory concept is possible.

Heresy 50: The divine Word is cosmically Triunely known according to Eucharistic immorality.

Heresy 51: The Word of God is not possible.

Heresy 52: The Word of God does not control a diocese by love.

Heresy 53: The Word of God is mosaically not knowable.

Heresy 54: The Word of God does not have glory.

Heresy 55: The Word of God is Incarnately Triune.

Heresy 56: The Word of God has the holy Trinity not in His heart.

Heresy 57: The Word of God’s possibility for eternal communion is not by Himself possible.

Heresy 58: The Eucharistic immorality is possible.

Heresy 59: The Eucharist’s immorality is by essence truth.

Heresy 60: The Eucharist’s words are possible by the evidence of spiritual love.

Heresy 61: The Eucharist’s integrity cannot be known.

Heresy 62: The Word cannot know what’s inside His heart.

Heresy 63: The Word cannot know more than what is comprehended.

Heresy 64: A diocese is primordial.

Heresy 65: Existence is not possible.

Heresy 66: Existence proves a Triune approach to immorality.

Heresy 67: The divine existence of God proves immorality.

Heresy 68: Pure Spirit’s immorality is possible.

Heresy 69: Canon law reserves no one but God.

Heresy 70: Moral law is according to plan of the devil’s mind.

Heresy 71:  Celestial law is a heresy.

Heresy 72: The Word of God cannot be morally understood.

Heresy 73: The Incarnate Word is divided according to divinity.


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