The divine Canon law

Canon 33: Grace is expended according to a morally sane person.

  • The integrity of grace is known through its moralification of the Triune Word. Therefore, any person who is not able in psychological means, is not regarded in highest morality. Therefore, an insane person must be according to the natural Trinitarian love of the Creator. Any sane person, must act according to the divine morality of the Eucharistic truth. The reality of a sane person assures us that he is connected divinely in the diocese through the mystery of truth. Likewise, the diocese is responsible for his integral moral development in the environmental capability of God.
    • Grace assures us that hope is credible.

Canon 34: Divine grace is expected to be present in times of divine knowledges.

  • Divine grace is expended according to Papal knowledge. The integrity of divine grace is assured in the Triune morality of the Gospel. The divine knowledges of the Gospel assures us Triune moral credibility. The divine integrity of the Word assures us that Eucharistic grace is possible. The divine integrity of the infallible Word is known through His eternal means to do so. The eternal Word is known through moral knowledges, and acts according to ecclesialism and divine and true cosmic and moral responsibility.
    • Divine grace can be learned according to moral divine truth.

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