Pure Spirit, a discourse on eternal love.

God who is Pure Spirit enacts according to the vast knowledge of the Trinitarian space located
within His heart. Hence God, is the master of divine bilocation.
Bilocative capabilities are quite apparent in moral times. Hence, for us to understand love, we must
understand spiritual gifts. Whence, spiritual gifts means the divine sacrifice of God.
Love is the source of all miracles. Where there is love, there is always divine miracles.
We can see that grace works that way. Wherefore, grace is an act of divine entrustment to the
divine. Whence, we can understand a divine decree of an understanding of the divine.
The divine always enacts according to His divinity. However, the divinity of oneself depends on his
biblical orientation to the divine God. It is quite empirical to understand the moral sacrifice of God,
which is the source of all love.
Sacrifice means love. Without sacrifice, there is no love. Where there is sacrifice there is plentitude
of divine love.
The Purity of God means dogmatic intelligence. Wherefore, we can see that only dogma reaches the
heart, out of all moral acts, dogmatic life enables us to enact according to the desires of the heart.
The desires of the heart are always holy and its dynamic capability is particularly unmatched
through0-out eternity, because it is the source of all dogmatic life, which is capable of displaying
eternal purity.
Pure Spirit enables us to see the visionary of the divine, which is sacred honor. Without honor, life
would have been meaningless for honor enlivens all acts according to divinity of another.
The communion of the divine, lets us understand the communion of the saints. Wherefore, a
foretaste is given to us in this life. Once tasted, it will never be relieved in our memory, for it is
always the ultimate and absolute desire of the heart, that of which is love and its communion.
We end


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