The eternal Father – part 1

The eternal pastures are seemingly comprehensible to the mind. It enables us to perfecly live a natural life that is in accord with the heavenly wisdom of the
Creator. There is but a perfect reason for us to live that life is meant to be lived for eternity. This life, is just but a preparation to the kingdom of
eternity. A kingdom that has no end, a kingdom that is in fullness of love. There is but no reason for us to deny this sacred calling. Every Christian is called
to a calling that is meant for eternity. A child of God will hear this call, and will always be, inside the depths of his soul. The Trinity’s calling for
life eternal heeds us to love now, there is no another minute of life without love, for in eternal life, there is an excstasy of love, every moment of our
eternal existence. Why do we need to heed the call of the flesh? The flesh calls upon temporality, and neither is in accord with the eternal Wisdom. Our life
is meant for something greater, something that is grandeur, something that is in permanent ecstasy.

Life cherised will always lead us to a holier life. Whatever our trials may be, there is a solution. There is not a single problem that God has not comprehended
in His mind that will not lead us to wisdom. The Wisdom of God encompasses all, there’s no distinction between God and His love, this is eternal Wisdom. This
is the perfection of beauty of eternal life, that God who is love will live inside our bodies just so as the Holy Spirit foreshadows us. The negativity of life
seems to vanish and the acts of beauty of the Creator will signify even the hardest of the hardest of hearts. Our life is meant for eternity, life here on earth
is only temporal, seemingly, it is not eternal and will lead us only to sadness whenever we depend on passing things. We cannot do this, for our heart is destined
for eternity, and the love that we have is a holy calling to that life. A life that is lived for eternity is a life that is eternally fulfilling and lacks nothing.

The voice of the Father is the result of surrendering our will to Him. In eternity there is such great joy, there is such great fulfillment, there is such
endless contenment – such joy and bliss that nothing is compared to it neither than the highest passion of this life can match it. Life is meant to be cherished, for
it is the secret to the success of joy, the success of eternal beauty, and the success to permanent fulfillment. Jesus is life, and it proves that He is our life.
Whenever we feel like giving up, we must talk to the Father, the Father will hear us and never abandon us, even in times of grave trial, trials that almost
crush us to the ground. Our life in eternity is but nothing compared to the life we have on earth. We are simply pilgrims here, realizing the fulfillment of God’s plan
that is in accord with our decisions in life, of course only not in sin. For it damages our relationship with the Father, merciful that He is, He cannot tolerate
an insurgence of the need to sin. For sin, always shuns away love, for the purpose of love is holiness.

Ah, the eternal pastures are filled with so many dwelling places, that has full of eternal symbolism of God’s love. There is ecstasy everywhere, there is permanent
liberation, ah so much love. How can I not deny such calling? I feel so much love, its as if there is never an end to this happiness. What a calling by God, I cannot
deny this call. Rather I am more readily to abandon this life to heed the calling of love, to love, and feel loved. There is no reason for me to deny this calling
for its ineffable effect on my life is extreme, supernatural in some sense, mystical yet spiritual. The food of Heaven, I desire for no other, for it satisfies
the deepest longing of my heart and deepest recesses of my soul. This I cannot deny, deny all others, but not the heavenly food. I believe that the angels had denied
love due to their dissastifaction of themselves, they render their beauty higher than God, from which there is no other higher. What a denial and heavenly crime, what
a treason to love, what a great loss, pain and suffering that seemingly without end, pain and suffering without seeing whom we love! What an eternal loss, what
a idea to even comprehend would let me die out of grave fear. I would rather fear for my eternal salvation than to fear a temporal thing that would simply be a temporal
loss to my eternal satisfaction.

In heaven there is such great contenment, an ecstasy that cannot be matched even the greatest event we have here on earth. Nothing is compared to it even the highest
love of a human being cannot be compared to the ineffable infinitely deep love of the Creator. Such a joy to understand, such a joy to comprehend, that life on this
planet is just but a passing thought, it is nothing compared to eternity, which lasts for no end. A life that is never ending, a life that is full of divine blessings.
A life that is meant to be lived. None is compared to the love of God and the eternity from which we thirst. Eternity is where I want to be, heaven. We can see our
friends loving us there, without end. We will play games at the castle and laugh and be joyful forever. We will become friends forever, for all eternity! We can
choose not to separate our hands as we walk in the plains of God’s vast field of playful dreams. We can dream forever, achieve it forever! What a thought to remember,
what a thought to ponder.

Love is the reason for my existence. It is the greatest emotion I will ever have, for it deeply satisfies the hunger of my soul. The food of heaven, the bread of God
what a food that nourishes my spirit and soul. Love and the Eucharist what a gift for humanity, there is nothing can be compared to being loved, and receiving
the bread of God. The Bread of God will always satisfy my soul, and love will always content me with what I have. What a magnificent knowledge to understand.

In eternity there is never ending ecstasy. We will remember our life in earth is but nothing compared to what will be revealed to us in heaven. We must prepare
therefore, for that infinite love, infinite ecstasy. Ah, what a life that will be is! There is but no more sorrow or crying. There is no more torture or threat
to life, for we have overcame death! I would rather suffer all the sufferings in this world, if I know I would merit eternal life. I would gladly exchange my life
on earth, for the treasures of heaven. I cannot let this pass away, I cannot let my dream of eternity be trampled, for it is the basis of my faith, faith in eternal
life, faith in the never ending exchange of love. Ah, what a calling. To deny love, is a catastrophe, what a denial. I cannot even imagine denying God. What a very
grievous sin. I would rather go to hell, than make feel God not worthy of love by His love. I cannot deny God. I cannot deny that whom gives life to me, that of
whom who love me, even by His soul. The soul of God deeply imprints in my mind his eternal charity. What a demise, what a loss, to even comprehend that some deny
His love. I would cry a thousand times, for that soul.

In eternity there is fullness of majesty. I remember when I was a kid, I used to wear clothes that are overpriced. I feel that the gratification due to compliments
give meaning to my life. But behold, there is more majesty in heaven than that of we can comprehend in the limitations of our mind. Behold, the heavens, which is
the highest fulfillment of life. Heaven is where there is fullness of joy and love. Heaven, is where God is! I cannot imagine a life that is not bound to heaven.
For I dread the loss of it, and it greatly makes me uncomfortable to even comprehend that some souls loss their way to there. I know there are many perils in this
life, but Lo, with you I can overcome them all. I forsake my life here on earth, in exchange for the riches of heaven. Yes Lord, I am willing to suffer, humiliation
and contempt in exchange for that of which eternal life has to offer. Some people will see this as a foolish act, but Lo, I believe that your love is far more
desirable than any temporal achievement in this life. This life is only transitory, this life on earth will not last. Why would I invest on something that cannot last
for eternity. It’s either wholly for heaven, or wholly for earth. I cannot choose anything in between, I choose wholly heaven, and forsake the passions of the flesh.
I forskake the pleasures of this world, in exchange for the eternal and infinite ecstasy of love. What a thought to ponder! I will live forever, with the saints
whom I love, with Mary, whom I greatly forsaken much of my earthly life. The Joy of life, Jesus Christ, oh Lo, what is it that earthly merits amount to as compared
to the eternal merits of heaven? Ah, Lo, give me the light to understand your rewards. I cannot deny them, not even a single one.

In heaven I will feel the greatest blessings life has to offer. I will play a thousand games to make my friends love. I will play a plentiful in heaven, without
even the mark of sorrow, without even the mark of defeat. I will play games with my friends there, I will play as if there is no tomorrow. For being a child,
in the eyes of God, greatly gratifies Him, it greatly satisfiers Him that there is nothing a trace of sadness in our heart. What a joy to understand! The never
ending life in eternity, is what I am seeking, the love, and the bread of life. What a God we have, full of love, rich in mercy, and never contended until we are
feel loved. God I love you so much, that I am willing to forsake everything for you, and I am willing to exchange everything in this life rather than lose you
for all eternity. God who is my supreme Good, Lo, who can deny you? For you are full of love? You make me feel special, even though I am a great sinner, still
you love me. You give life to my dying body. I have sinned greatly in life, Lo, and I am dreaded by the loss of temporal happiness. But Lo, you have deeply
forgiven me and forgiven me completely. I am but ready to accept the life that goes thereon. However, I will not lose trust in your signification, I will not
lose trust in your words. Your voice, Lord, Your voice makes me feel satisfied and gives me the assurance thereof that I am asking. I trust the Blessed Mother, that
she will not abandon me. I trust the angels and the saints, that whomever I cannot remember, rest assured they are deeply imprinted in my heart. For I am but without
memory, in this dark night of the spirit. I greatly cannot feel the presence of God, there is so much darkness. I cannot feel the assurance of my prayers. Rather
a darkness that unfolds itself inside my soul. I cannot bear it, sometimes I lose strength but Lo, I know this trial won’t last, I know that there is glory
after life. I cannot abandon my duty to love, I cannot abandon my duty to believe in eternal life.

I would gladly suffer for the Lo if he desires it. I will always follow the will of God I will not trust myself. I have faith in God, that His words will be fulfilled.
I cannot abandon Him in exchange for earthly glory. I would rather become the lowest saint in heaven rather than disobey His will. I would rather, not be a saint at
all of it emcompasses disobeying His will. What is the essence of canonization after all, if I wouldn’t obey that Whom I greatly love and cherish. Ah, Lo, You
are my merit. You are the everlasting peace I have, how can I abandon you? You never left me in the wilderness, rather let me realized that I am loved. Lo, what is
it the merit we can have if it it weren’t you. What is the purpose of merit thereof, if it would not lead to your love? Ah Lo, I desire every part of you, I desire
everything in you, I desire every action that you make. I want to be inseparable with you, united, without any thought of blemish. I want to feel the ecstasy of love
I want to feel that you are my God, and I am your disciple, ready to do your will anytime. What a thought to comprehend, to follow the will of God even at our
understanding it seems not correct. You are perfection Lo, I greatly seek your love. How can I deny you?

Lord your live is as the highest as heaven. Who can match to your love Lord? Who can match to your everlasting beauty? I adore you my Lord, I love everything about you.
How can I not think you every single moment of my life Lord? Your love, Lord, your Love is all that I seek and the heavenly food that of which the bread that gives
life. The bread of life, the holy of the holies. Lo, you became food for our souls. What love that you have Lo, who can ever think of a love better than you make
us feel do. Lord, your love is I seek, can I have it for all eternity? The sweetness of your love, who can but compared to that you have to offer? A love that is eternal
a love that cannot be exhausted, a love that is life giving and renders me the highest ecstasy in life? Who can give that Lo but only you?

In eternity there are lots of dwelling places. There are lots of heavenly sights and lots of great symbolism which greatly signifies our heavenly achievements. What
a thought to even ponder! What welcome to the heavenly place, what a love that is at our sight! There is such vastness in eternity, vastness of God’s love and its
manifestation. We can see how beautiful heaven is! The more we conceive it the more it becomes a reality! What a gift of the Lord, a gift of heavenly conception!
A gift of realizing the eternal beauty of heaven! The beauty of heaven is far more conceivable than going to hell. For in Hell there is only separation, separation
from whom we love. I would even die at the thought of going to there. I’ve been in this place before, I have been judged and I feel the despair of a soul being
judged to hell or losing hope. I would pray fervently for that soul, than to go foolishly to places that there is no fullness of joy. I would rather let myself,
be crucified than let a soul die by its own sins. This is the love of Jesus, He would rather let Himself crucified than lose the soul to eternal perdition. I would
gladly immitate Christ and His suffering, He had lived a life of pure humiliation and contempt. I would rather be like Him than lose my soul to something fancy
or even temporarily amusing. In God there is infinite mercy. I can feel that my life is getting better, as far as I am becoming holier. My life depends on God, and
will always be. I would cherish God every single breath that I take than to forget Him for even a single day. I would rather, feel humiliation and contempt, rather
than lose the merit of heaven. If suffering is equal to the merits we can acquire, I would gladly do it, than lose merits. For it is the mystery of eternal redemption,
that we can ponder the thought of heaven. Redemption greatly endeavors us to feel and access heavenly ideas. It is by redemption, that we can ponder the mystery of
eternal life. By merits of Christ, we become one with Him, and unite ourselves with His body and blood as an eternal sacrifice to the eternal Father. What an exchange
of love, what marvellous is it to become one with Christ, to become one whom we love the most, and love most and ever. I would feel so much love and ecstasy of the
thought of having God as my redeemer. Simply as it is, it is in simplicity that we can acquire the grace to understand the divine mystery of redemption.

I feel so much love in the presence of the Triune God. Around His throne I will put many flowers, flowers of love and gratitude. Flowers that symbolizes my love for
Him. In symbolism, I can access the reservoir of eternity. It is through this great thought, that I become heavenly in my understanding. I would rather live by faith
rather than sight. I would rather lose the memory than not to think of God. For is it by thinking God that we can acquire the most highest merits of life, seemingly
like a miracle in our sight. What a great thought. How can I not ravel at the treasures of heaven? How can I live in this temporal life without even thinking
about God. God who is my all love, God who is everything to me, God who is my redeemer. Lo, how can I not think of you? How can I even forget you? You are eternally
in my mind, you are inseparable with my identity. I want to be like you, I want to be with you, without end, for all eternity.

What is it in earthly achievements that makes people ravel about them more than the thought of eternal life? How can such beauty of God’s goodness be outcasted
in person’s human life. What a loss of heavenly love, what a loss of eternal ecstasy. The thought of eternity makes us live like we are there, makes us feel as if
we are there, makes us understand as if it were truly happening. What a marvellous thought, that we can live now as if it were in eternity. What an ecstasy of life?
How can such one deny such an enormous calling to live as if we were in eternity? What and how goodness of the Lord it is! I previously thought that heaven is unreachable
for God cannot be seen. God cannot be seen, but His calling can be felt. How can I deny such love and calling? I would rather forsake everything in this life, rather
than let the passing thought of loving God not be in my heart.

God’s heart is full of woe. For sinners and the like. I would make God feel reparation for the sins committed against Him. In this I can do reparation for my own past
sins as well. I feel that God desires the just treatment He deserve, for the love that He has given to us. How can I repay the love of the Lord, how can I repay
the goodness that He has shown me. Only through love, for it is but my love that God is eternally satisfied. God is so much loveable that by thought of loving Him
gives us the ecstasy of love. The ecstasy of love is so much sought by the saints, it is through love that we are eternally satisified. How can we abandon such a
calling? Through love, we can find eternal satisfaction, through love we can feel our dignity being respected. At times, God feels so much love at the devotion
we have in Him. I feel that through my devotion I can pay reparation to the past sins I committed. Rather, I would like to inquire God first of my actions than do it
without Him. For in Him, we have assurance of a holy act, and signified event. The Trinity cannot let me do a thing that is against His will. And in this I will greatly
abide, and I will greatly follow. For it sanctifies me and gives me the strength to continue on life, despite its hardships, sorrows, and failures. But in God,
there is no failure, there is only pure success. How can this be? For in God, there is only eternal good.

In eternity there is all that there is that is good. How can one deny its truthfulness, if the thought of it makes is true, if the practice symbolizes such and
its essence is brought by truthfulness and correctness. How can such perfection be denied? The love of God is so amiable and true, that to deny it is only losing
it to our disadvantage. For love completes ourself, and completes our being. It completes our heavenly identity and make us the saints that we are in God’s eternal
mind. How can we live a life even without the thought of God? What a grave loss, what grave loss to the heavenly crowd. How can we deny even the thought of going
to eternity? Would we rather feel the most satiating pleasures of this life than to find it to be only transitory and would not last for all eternity? A life
that is meant for Christ is a life that greatly satisfies, for we only await our eternal reward rather than foolishly spend life in our demise, like satiating
in the pleasures of the flesh that leads us to sin? How can this be? How abominable it can be!

Sins are but separating ourselves to our love one. How can we sin if we are always in the midst of love! What a thought that it can be! It’s neither a fantasy but
a supreme divine reality. How can we deny love? How can this be? A treachery for something that is infinitely good. A denial of love? How can that be? A false miracle
it seems.

Oh love how can I deny you? You are everything that is good. You are my supreme good, in every dimensions of my life. If though I find you, I will never lose a grip
at your sight. I will never lose you, but possess you in my being, as if you are my spouse. I cannot deny every single thing about you, for you are perfection all-in-
all. How can I say anything against you, for you are endowed with a natural spirit of love. Your spirit makes me want to unite everything to you and forget about
this life, and live it for the next. I want to live this life, as if I am living it for the next. In this I will find my glory, my eternal rest, and the credibiltiy
that I seek, for I cannot bear the sight of losing you or even the sight of not being with you. Rather, I choose to be this way, and more so, confident in your
promises. My sentiments only amount me to loving you, and neither is this any treachery to your love. Rather, I reveal the state of soul, and trust that you handle
it with outmost care. If this would be displeasing Lord, I would readily stop right now.

So as your amiable voice, Mary my Mother, I do trust. If I can trust more deeply please lead me, and I beg for you mercies for all the sins I have committed in my life
I greatly dread them and I am fully ashame of them, rather I woudn’t even entertain the thought of committing the same like them in the future. I feel that you
are guiding me every step of the way, that you are there to guide my hands towards eternity. I feel that you are my Mother, and I am your son. I have never felt
so much care than you, who but your motherhood exceeds my earthly one. I am wandering at earth on what should I do next. But your voice, your voice, that is so amiable
and mysterious that I seek for. I know that you are righteous and loveable who but cannot follow your commands? Who but cannot follow your advices? Your are the
voice of the Father, you are the Queen of every life on earth, and you are the Queen of heaven. You who have said that I am the most favorable one of God, how can
I not believe in your words.

Mary you are the starlight of the world, you hold in your hand with utmost care the most holy supplications on earth. How can I not trust in your intercession? I have
been blind Mary, I have been blind in the grace of God, hadn’t I have become ungrateful I knew you would deny a supplication. But, in your motherhood, I am helpless
and I profess weakness beyond the normal society. You who are our good mother, would not deny a supplication if it were be for the good of the salvation of your child.
Even though I am weak, and helpless, your prove me wrong regarding your motherly love. Your motherly love, is eternal and encompasses all my thoughts. You make me
feel that I am worthy of eternal life, you make me feel that my life is worthy living despite the sins I have committed. To you Mother, I confide the intentions
of my heart, for me it seems so doubtful. But you who are the Mother of the living, will lead my soul to ultimate liberation and eternal success, to finding
the heart of Jesus whom is worthy of an earthly vocation. How can it be so amiable to for a vocation to find Jesus? How can it not be a truly loveable work
to seek for Jesus all the days of my life?

I am filled with so much sanctifying grace, and I can feel the grace in my physical body. I know greatly that I have stumbled upon a great journey in my life when
I met Christ. It feels me with great joy and the reality of heaven is truly a rich and natural thought of my life. How can I not love Jesus who gives life
and meaning to my seemingly dead and sad life? You are my joy Jesus, you are the eternal light that exposes the hardness of my heart. I want to give you my heart Jesus.
In exchange, I desire not but only your love. I want to take you day by day at the sacrament, that I would sacrifice the knowledge of finances, in exchange
of your daily reception.

I feel you are always near me Lord. You are the Triune God that makes my being in delight and in love. I feel that you are always by my side, fighting with me against
the tides of unholiness. I feel that you have the key to everything, a key that opens the hearts of hardened believers, and open their heart to the satisfaction of
their soul. I believe you are the holy one of God, you are the Jesus whom all we all seek. I feel that you are the teacher of all teachers, and let us understand
the truthfulness of life is not about material possession, neither riches, nor earthly glory and power, but by its simplicity the achievement of who you are, and
perfectly you in our midst. You who are the eternal good, is the greatest gift I can ever have in this life.

God you are my eternal gift. You are the only one I seek in this life. I have forsaken everything to the glorification of your name. I believe in the treasures of heaven,
and this treasure is you Lord, You are the treasure of heaven, You are the one that hearts are seeking in its devoid of love. You are the only one who can give
rest to our ever tired soul. In you we can find the treasures of charity, and infinite possibilities to love. In this I am greatly sanctified, I feel I am greatly
dignified, and I feel special inside your heart. How can I not be inside you Lord, if I desire it? If it were only for 1 intercession that I am given I would gladly
ask to become one with you. This is my greatest treasure, to not become separated to you for all eternity. Playing and becoming happy in your midst, always in Your
presence and always abiding in Your heart. What a treasure this would be? A treasure that cannot be exchanged with anything? For God’s eternal presence is pure gold
in the eyes of a lover, a lover of God!

God you are the light of my soul, no matter how dark it may be it is always dispelled by the light of your love! You are the eternal light of the world that gives,
the hopeless meaning in their life, to give meaning a to a hopeless soul, will lead us to glory of heaven! A single soul lead to God in a most glorious manner, is
a matter of knowing that soul is our heavenly friend, a friend, that we will cherish for all eternity, a friend, whom we can confide the secrets of our souls. What
a gift from the Lo, to have friend whom we can talk about our sucesses and failures, our deep concerns and deep insights about life eternity. The thought of having
many friends in eternal life, and many dwelling places, gives us a natural sense of hope, a sense of belongingness to eternity. A belongingess to our eternal home
that of which is heaven where we can find the ecstasy of love, the ecstasy of knowing God.

The ectsasy of love, I seek so much. It satisfies the hunger of my spirit and soul. Apart from the Eucharist, I seek love. I seek and desire love, and will never stop
seeking love for all eternity. For how can I not seek love, if I agree with all its precepts? How can I deny myself love, if I naturally seek it? We are created
for God, and it is through love that this is greatly realized. How can I not love, for it is my eternal desire. How? Love endows me with the correct intentions, and
renders me holy in every act that I will make. How can I not love, for it is the reason for my existence, it is the reason for everything that I do. In love, I will
greatly do my actions, for in Love, I am greatly accepted by God. The properties of love, by Himself proves that there is no love that can be denied of His presence, for
love is the ultimate purpose of life and it is by loving that we can know whom who have created us. In love I am feel loved, in love I feel accepted despite the
blemishes of my life, in love there is justice and fullness of divine communion. How can one not love for it is the very reason why and He was created? Love is
the ultimate reason for existence, and it is by love that we can feel special, we can entirely understand the divinity of God, through love, for the highest understanding
of the moral law is love? How can we know morality if it not because of love? Love gives us the reason to do it, and it is by love, that perfect reasoning is met.
Reasoning by love, gives us the highest merit in this life, whom is God Himself. The highest merit in this life, is to become one with God. And in this oneness, we can
find the truthfulness of Christ’s word, words of eternal life, words of divinity, words that changes bread into Himself. The Word of God, gives meaning to our life,
it gives our identity the refreshing idea of uniting it with the Creator.

Love gives meaning to our life, give vigor and energy to our day-to-day life, and gives energy for us to commit ourselves to the goal of salvation of our soul. Love
enables us to understand the deeper meaning of the Trinity in the biblical script, and love gives context to everything in seemingly perfect manner. Love is the context
of everything, for it is universal, and encompasses all understanding of God’s divinity. In love we can exercise our right as children of God, and in love, we can find
the assurance of eternal life. Actions done out of love enable us to perfectly understand the works of the Trinity, for the Trinity works for the purpose of love, and
loving. Love gives everything in our dying body something to be grasped about, that we are greatly cared by God, and He cares for our life and the plans that we make.
We can be assured that our plans are in accord with God’s plan if we are perfectly united with His will. To surrender our will to the Father, will let us understand
that our plans are the plans of God, for there is no compunction in our desires and our will, for they are one in God.

Our love for the Eucharist will enable us to understand the Holy Trinity. For when we love the Eucharist, the Holy Trinity will emerge in the same dimension, as
we had done it. It will enable us to understand that the Catholic church teaches nothing but truth and solely works for the truth. There is nothing that the
Catholic church teaches that is against the will of God nor even a manipulation of the truth, for in truth only we can understand the full essence of humanity.
Without the truth there is progress, so whenever we find the truth, we must be thankful for its essence is impressed on our mind. What a great blessing it is to know
that what we believe in the Church is solely the truth! What a refreshment it is understand that the Church teaches only nothing but truth! For in truth we can find
true essence of love!

The true church must only teach according to the truth. Pity it is that other churches teach doctrines that are contrary to natural understanding of the faith.
Faith originates from God therefore, faith’s sacredness must be directed to God. Whenever we create false doctrines and create false truths, we not only hurt
Christ but His true church. What it is that we cannot learn by faith? For the perfection of faith is truth, and its moral foundation is the eternal. The Catholic
church by it own means direct all our thoughts towards the eternal. For it is in eternal that we can learn that time and space is but limited and cannot be our means
for sanctity, for sanctity will only be ravelled in relation to eternity. Sanctity in the context of time and space, may be sinful, for it is not the final end
of divinity nor it is the direction of the Holy Spirit. They are but there to teach the divine counterpart of our day-to-day life. It doesn’t mean we should reject them
but rather we understand that our eternal destiny lies in eternity, not in time and space, for both of them does not mean God’s existence, for the meaning of God’s
love is infinite. Sanctity in relation to temporality begets temporal knowledges. Sanctity in relation to eternity begets eternal knowledge.

Oh the Catholic Church, how I love it. It is the Holy Spirit’s way of leading me to higher heights of sanctity, it is but inside the Church our sanctity increases.
Through sanctity we can learn that the need for higher ones, require us to worship, and adore the one true God, the Most Blessed Trinity. In this way, we can truly
feel the need to work for our salvation, and our merits, that we can acquire for us to cherish the thought of eternal life. Acquiring eternal merits, and eternal
properties are but a mere solution to our selfishness in life. For in eternity there is perfect communion, sharing, and gathering. There is infinite exchange of love
and infinite expression of love. What a place it is, heaven! It is where all my hope that there can be. For hoping in things infallible, will render our life supernatural.
Our hope must be directed in the after life so that its fruits can be so much on this earthly life. Our hope for life after brings forth the highest believers
in eternity! What a grace it is, to become one of the elect of God, of so many ones who are trying to enter the narrow road, and we are chosen to partake in the
divine banquet. A sharing of love that is eternal, a sharing that will last for all eternity, a sharing that does not constrict itself of the laws of the humanity,
but only through love, which is no restriction at all, for in love there is fullness of a soul’s expression and its perfection lies in loving. What a thought it is
to love and be loved, by whom we love, and whom who love us. Especially God, who is infinite love and mercy! What a joy to bring into memory and what a joy to
imprint in our mind, our earthly days will be never boring and our earthly journey will be a happy one!

Our life in this whole wide world will never last, it is bound to end by death, and after that judgment day. What a thought to consider, that life on earth must
meant to be understood in the light of eternity. We cannot by any means waste our tenure here on earth of trivial things. What’s really important is a life that
is humane and full of dignity. It is but our life here on earth that the judgment day will reflect. For God is truly just and will never judge not according to facts,
but on our life, and its scent in relation to God’s throne. Life is meant to be lived for eternity and for God, other else, is a manifestation of vanity. For
all the things on this life cannot last, it short, they are not eternal. The greatest philosophy can be understood in the inevitable light of death. There is no
one in this world that can escape the fact of death not even the highers earner in the industry, not even the most famous singer, not even the most wealthy person
can escape death. So why should we spend our life, raveling and trying to acquire riches that will not last forever? What a thought it is to consider, that the vocation
to love is eternal and it is meant for us to acquire a high degree of glory in heaven for we had not lived temporally in this life. Rather we spend it all along
with the presence of God, and in divine obedience to His commandments. What it is the sweet aroma to God’s throne of the flowers of our life, when we end this life
in this manner. For we will be received more than our contemporaries who have wasted their time on trivial achievements of the world has to offer. For a wise man
will always invest on something that is higher, something that comprises of the highest order, that of which is eternal life.

Life must be cherished in the spirit of Truth and in the spirit of apostolic tradition. The faith of our forefathers, the apostles, is the faith that is meant to
be imitated, a faith that is the foundation of one another. The apostolic succession inevitably leaves us a choice, a choice that pervades our decision making. Are
we bound to let ourselves go to heaven or in eternal perdition? This decision lies in our previously made decisions. The Holy Spirit will guide us in this journey.

The world cannot be our home forever. We will leave this earthly life soon, and it may not be even sooner, we cannot simply know. All we know, is that the Holy
Spirit is in our midst, inside us, ready to help whenever we need, ready to answer our questions in the best way possible. The Holy Spirit’s indwelling cannot be
properly understood without divine sanctification. What a life is this! To be led by the spirit of Truth, the spirit which lead the multitude of saints towards
their eternal end! With endless bliss, a life that is sanctified. What a life is this! What can I ever ask for more! This life, this life is the life sought by
many many others. Neither riches can satisfy neither, the splendor of this world can ever satisfy! Only God satisfies, and thought of eternal life will. A life
that will never end, a life that is fullness of happiness with the Creator a life that is happiness on all cylinders of life, happiness on all sides, happiness
in every part of our being! What a thought it is! How can one be not enticed in this life, a life in the fullness of God’s law, a life that is in fullness with the
Holy Spirit! We only read them in the saints biographies but now, we can truly live them! A life that only we previously dreamt, a life that is in the guidance
of the Spirit of God!

The bliss of eternal life, is the bliss that never ends. It is a bliss, that there is no more someone out there to hurt us. There is no more, crying neither sorrow
neither the loss of anything else, but complete possession of God. The way we live our life here will reflect what’s for us in the judgment day. Had we lived a
saintly life, we cannot lose anything, but rather gain everything, gain the eternal approval of the Creator. There is nothing in this life that we should ravel
of rather than the things related to our salvation, for in this we are greatly sanctified, sanctified by the Spirit of God. Loving our neighbor, what a feeling it is!
To love everyone in the spirit and in the name of truth, that we are called to a higher vocation in life, a vocation to love one another deeply! This thought alone
imprints the mark of Christianity in our soul, an understanding of the eternal truth, that we are just mere pilgrims in this whole wide world! Our vocation to love
is eternal, for it encompasses all persons, and is agreeable to the universal eyes of God. What a thought it is! That after this life, bliss, endless love, a love
that cannot perish itself, a love that is eternal never running of divine fire, never running out of divine meaning. Enlivening, and illimunating. Sanctifying
and giving us blessing. What a life it is! What a vocation it is! How many persons do not see such blissful meaning of life, engulfed by the responsibilities of
immorality and carnal desires of the flesh. Rather we see it as something new, something illuminating, something that readily catches the soul! The bliss of eternal

Happiness in the spirit of Truth rather than happiness in what this world has to offer. What bliss of heaven, what a bliss of eternal thought, satisfting deeply and
eternally, giving is the refreshment, the refreshment of the soul, to know that this life’s very meaning at this world is transitory. What a deep understanding
of the Gospel it is, to live this life for the next, to abandon what this world has to offer, and leave everything behind to embrace the loving arms of Jesus Christ.
What can there be any more greater than the love of God? There is none. None in this world and in the next that will ever exceed the love of God, nothing even
that can be thought of that is greater than His love, neither can be conceived nor can be understood, for love is the pinnacle of every higher good will, it is
the highest understanding of every aspects of Christianity, none is greater than God for it is truly God Himself, He is our supreme Good, the supreme and infinite
satisfaction of our soul.

How many times do we live a life, a life, that is properly based on eternity? Isn’t eternal life so amiable to one’s soul? Why would anyone deny such a calling to a
life that will never have to end? The missionaries of all ages, ponder about the idea of salvation, they often risk their lives for the good of many, how can
someone act that way if it wouldn’t for grace and the possibility of eternal communion? How amiable is it to see and understand that they are in heaven now,
enjoying wholly the fruits of their earthly works, with a glory that is unfading, ever lasting, and cannot be taken away from them forever, for all eternity.
A life that is fruitful is a life that is based on the apostolic love of our church founders. For in them, we can fully realize the vocation to love, for they have
truly loved and given themselves wholly for the salvation of many, for the salvation of our souls.

The Trinity desires our sanctification through the Holy Spirit. What a life it is to consider our lives in an apostolic manner, a life that is based on the Trinity.
Only we know the apostles through the bible, but a life that is filled with the Spirit of God, what a life it is? Once a dream, but now it is a living reality, that
we can live in accord with the universal church’s founding apostles, near the heart of Jesus. Our dreams are truly realized through the divine coherence of our
knowledge. To love is live in accord with the ecclesiastical knowledge of the church, where the its walls are naturally endowed for us the divine architecture
of God’s divine omnipotence.

To believe that there is something greater, something more amusing, and something more credible, is to believe that there is life after death, life eternal, life
that is capable of fulfilling our hearts of the endless void it comes thereforth from the failure of this life, and its temporality. It’s a grace to even understand
that life is meant to be cherished for eternity, for in this thought we can fulfill our deepest hearts’ desire, a desire of eternal communion, a desire for
infinite love, and infinite ways to be loved and to love, where there is fullness of meaning of life, never exhausted of its divine glory, and never exhausted
of friendship. What a life that can be? What life we can possess that the source of love, life, and meaning to our lives is just but a lifetime away. It may
be cumbersome to thought of, but there is great reward, a reward that is unfading, for the faithful and joyful followers of the Gospel. Once we only see them
as biblical characters, but now, we can truly live a saintly apostolic life, a life that is just a thought but now we can live it fully, through the Gospel,
through sanctifying grace, through the birthplace of Christ, through doctoraris, and through La Pente. How bliss it is, to abandon fully this earthly life,
and embrace the calling of eternal life.

Love oh love, how can love be denied of its meaning, for it perfects our understanding of our very own nature. How can love be denied of its invincibility, if but
we fully accept His sovereignty? How can we live without love, if we would see someone loving, and we feel it in the deepest part of our being? How can someone
deny love, for it is the foundation of His glory? Ah, what a loss it is, to not see that God is in our midst, through love, for He is love. How can we not
see the supernatural truth of grace, and of love? For the saints, and popes, ravelled at knowing this eternal knowledge, a knowledge of divine measurement, a
knowledge of deep supernatural truth that we are just but strangers in this world, trying to find meaning in life, whereas, we can find it in eternal love.  What
a grace it is to even understand the supernatural message of the eternal Gospel, to see the world as Jesus Christ sees it more so, in a more mild way, the saints
see it. For God, a God who become man, for our salvation, has procured for us, in a most humiliating way, crucifixion unto death. What orthodoxy it is to even
understand the deep thoughts of God, for in apostolic life, we can truly feel we are but mere but glorified lovers of Christ through and by the Word.

The ecstasy to love, is a never ending fulfillment of our life, and the never ending fulfillment of the devoid of our heart. Our heart desires deeply the eternal
communion of love. It is but mere undeniable fact of life. We cannot deny by all means possible the need for our natural tendency to ask and seek for love, even
in everyone we can meet in our lifetime. We dare to ask for love, for it is by the very meaning of our existence, is to be loved, and to love. Love gives meaning
to our life, it gives us supernatural hope of the amiable desire for eternal communion and be in heaven. The angels of God are but always here, to help us, never
are they lacking in charity, for the source of charity is always in their midst, close to their divine heart. But behold, God is here. In our hearts, minds, and
our soul. We cannot envy them in a way that is holy, rather they represent the possibility of having the same natural experience. A life that is full of ecstatic

The impulse of love, is the highest credible knowledge we can have in this life. For a distant act of love, can be felt within our Christological identity. Love
is like the sound, we can but here and felt its meaning. Likewise, we desire for the same. We deeply desire the instances of loving and to be loved. We cannot
understand why, but we do know we want to be loved. For we find our worth,the end of all our works and actions, in pure divine love. We can understand that
we can live an earthly life, as if we were in heaven through love. This knowledge alone is capable of making us saints, capable of granting us the heroic
virtue to even live a life, devoid of its natural meaning which is to love and be loved.

The ecstasy to live in perfect love, not devoid of its natural meaning, will enable me to have a supernatural hope for Catholic canonization. How can it be that someone
who desire sainthood and labor thereof, for the satisfaction of our God, who can be or devoid of the grace and ability to become a saint? For the highest calling
of a Catholic life, is to become one. We are but universally called to that life, no one is denied of this grace, for God has a plenty! Only our compuction to do
so the calling of God will deny us of becoming one. I know it may be a hard work, but if you do believe you can become a saint, conjoining our daily works with God’s,
will make it possible, for the eternal Father, can do everything, there is nothing, by His strength and sovereignty, that He cannot do. We should greatly trust
the Father, as we see in old testament, He is but the mightiest of all, His strength and wisdom cannot be denied, even at the thought of perceiving defeat, the Father
will act according to His wisdom of the supernatural help for us to become the person He wants us to be. No one is denied of the grace of sainthood, lest he denies
the capability of the Father to grant so. For in the Father’s desire, is to ravel in His love, this will make us heroic. To become heroic, is supernaturally follow
the desires of God. God cannot deny someone’s supplication for sainthood, for it is by His intrinsic desire to make us one. I know there are a plentitude of
saintly persons who are but in queue for canonization. Rather, we should interpret this in light of the Holy Trinity, who desires our eternal and moral good.
If we had been denied of this grace, it is because of our sinfulness. We cannot become saints, and at the same time sinners, it is but gravely contrary to God’s law.
We should rather, live in fullness according to sanctifying grace, to earn the merit to become saints. For to become saints is to universally accept the supernatural
truth of God, a truth that He is but infinite in all of His perfections, that He desires our highest good, in all circumstances, in all possibilities. Hence,
the perfect design of the Trinity is always possible, only if humans will cooperate. There is but no mere error in God’s governance, for there is no error,
in His wisdom, or even His desire through His will and by effectuality of grace.

The apostolic tradition is meant to illuminate us the natural reality of grace. For in grace there is perfection of virtue, and by all means the perfection of
the imperfect, that will lead us to the Triune God who is wholly and naturally perfect. The Triune God’s perfection lies in knowing love, and by means of doing
something by love. This will naturally make us saints in our actions and words, is to love perfectly and do it in such a way that is far more reaching to the one we love.
Not by means of immorality, but by fullness of morality, that of which is the divine perfection of love. For in love, we lack nothing, we lack nothing in the
supernatural possession of God, and by grace its fullness, the fullness of God’s possession, is made realized. The exchange of love, reasonable, for we cannot
love if something is devoid of its meaning. Rather, we love, for we have perfect reason to do so. To love, by immorality, is not love, but vanity. Vanity in the
light of supernatural truth will expose the true desires of the heart. Are we loving because of liberation and Godliness, or do we love because selfishness, and
immorality. Love in the perfect reasoning of the Trinity will cause us to love like saints. For the love of the saints, are wholly made perfect through their
apostolic obedience. We become apostles, if we love in the name of the Catholic church. This is eternal sanctity, to enable us to love perfectly in the name of truth
that of whom is Jesus Christ, who is the Truth.

The supernatural acts of the Trinity are endowed with the natural achievements of God. God has thoroughly achieved of the supernatural grace of the saints, and this
greatly proves His sovereignty even in the midst of immorality, deception, and falsehood. For the divine essence made us realize the newness of the integral order,
newness of the Trinitarian credibility of God. The Trinity in His supernatural desire cannot let us understand something that is immoral, lest, Zion let us.
The laws of God are trustworthy and worthy of divine action, for in the laws of God there is fullness of exercising the natural meaning of sanctifying grace. And
there is but mere fullness of our communion with God. Whilst, the Eucharistic life enable us to realize the divine reality of the Gospel and its cosmic meaning,
that of which is supernatural love.

Christ is always seeking us to reach-out to Him and naturally understand His ways. For Christ desires our perfection, perfection is seeking that of whom is the
highest Good. The grace to understand the supernatural truth of life lies in Eucharistic devotion. For God, perfectly understands the cosmic order, and will enable
us to seek that of whom our hearts greatly desire. To seek God is to mean that there is something out there in the physical universe worthy of all the love and affection.
Worthy of worship and divine integrity. That of whom we call God, that of whom we call Jesus Christ.

Jesus enables us to see the supernatural truth of reality, to see the newness of reality, and its moral and intrinsic elements. For us to understand the cosmic
reality, we must worship in the divine exaltation, gathering ourselves for us to worship the one true God, who in His divine love desires our moral perfection.
God is supreme and never ending will enable us to realize the newness of the divine order, a newness with regards to our correctness, and the uplifting of the moral
kingdom. There’s no stopping the Trinity from working in a new and divine order. He alone is capable of accepting the truth, a newness with relation to all
elements of the universe. The universe and its moral order, lets us become dignified saints, and without luxury attend to the divine truth and responsibility we have
therein in the universe.

The spirit of God will enable us work perfectly in spirit. For us to understand this deep dimension, we must come to understand our divine responsibility as Christians.
Have we had done any of the practice of the theological and cardinal virtues. The spirit of God cannot err in sanctification, for by means of sanctification we
can understand and exalt the Triune God. For this way, we can understand that the Holy Spirit prevents us from error, and committing error. For the spirit of God
will always be aligned with the righteousness therein that composes the universe. In this the Holy Spirit is perfectly recognized as a God, the third blessed
person of the Trinity, whose works enable us to understand the body is divinely regulated according to the Spirit’s desire. The Holy Spirit’s understanding
of the sacred order, is unrelenting and enable us to mystically understand His divine and integral capability, to guide our souls to pastures never before accessed,
pastures that enable us to play according to the sanctified belief we have therein. A sanctified believer, will always work in the vicinity of divine holiness,
and work worthily in the eyes of God.

The spirit of God enables us to live in harmony with the universal order and the universal intelligence of the Creator. For the Creator perfectly signifies
His creation, for in this signification, the divine essence made manifest in our conscience as a perfect manifestation of truth. For God knows the past,
the history, and the divine coming of upcoming events in the future. Rather, God who knows everything cannot risk our righteousness to something inevitably
incorrect. For the universe works only in correctness, for its universality is true and ensures that divinity is true. Hence, we have finally made a succinct
evidence for God. God, cannot establish a universe with incorrectness, for only its divine manifestation perfectly subsists. The evidence for God’s existence
lies in the perfect ability of the Trinity to highly and credibly consider a universal knowledge that is manifesting. Rather, the universality of such is
weighed according to the universal intelligence of God. Universality by divine reasoning, is holy and natural. It enables us to recognize the magisterial
capability of the Triune God.

The universe and its morality is made manifest by the ever living God whose mystical governances lies in His Wisdom. Wisdom by the divine intellect cannot
lead us to error, for the perfection of the Trinity is true and everlasting. The Trinity cannot make an error in any of His works, for it is by divinity He
works. What is it in divinity, that renders it error free? Since God is perfection, there must be no error in Him. Hence, for something to be in perfection,
it must be correct in all dimensions. For God, who is love, cannot commit error, for His providence exactly enables us to obey the impulse and actions of grace.
Grace cannot be accidentally given and so is God’s providence. Since there is no accidents in God, there must be a wholly intellectual person who governs
the universe in divine perfection. The lack of perfection thereof, is of human understanding and cannot justify itself of the divine endowment a person desires.
However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that human understanding is dispensable, rather, it must subject to the almighty Creator, who predestines according
to our actions based on our own free will. God’s decisions are always holy. For us to raise our sanctity, is to raise our closeness with the Creator. For
divine creation is subject to the universal intelligence of God. It cannot commit error, for sanctity lies and depends on it, and so by its love. For everything
was created for the purpose of love, and the end of everything is love. Hence, the divine architecture was perfectly assembled in a way that is worked
for the framework that is resulting to love.

To prove that there is no error in God, we must consider existence. In existence there is no proven error, for it subsists perfectly according to the divine
Wisdom. Hence, its essence cannot err, for its divine perfection depends on it. Hence, God who is perfect, always acts correctly. A correct essence
will always be the divine essence, for intrinsically explains the divine perfection of the Triune God. The Trinity on the other hand, acts without error,
for He works with sanctity in mind. If there is no God, then the essence therein is incorrect, for it is irrelevant with our universal intellect. However,
through the divine essence, there is perfection of knowledge. For in this perfection, it will render truth to be believable which is the primer concern
of the spirit of God.

God’s decision cannot be negatively oriented, lest we are not globally oriented. Everything that He does raises sanctity, or respects sanctity. God cannot
lower our sanctity by virtue of His decision, for sin and immorality lowers it. Since God is perfectly, highly, and maximally moral, He cannot let our sanctity
be lowered, lest we sin and do immorality. Also, by foreseeing the upcoming lowering of sanctity, God shows His love, and prevents us from doing an act that
does lower sanctity. By virtue of sanctifying life, we are therefore granted an understanding of predestination and damnation. The intellect of God is
par excellence with universal intelligence. For God’s universality cannot be denied, for it is by universality that the wisdom of Christ is made manifest.
God who is existing cannot decide only by chance, moreover, chances by divine reasoning of the Triune God, works perfectly. It cannot err, for it subsists
in the universe, and perfectly help us reach a desirable sanctity. Each desire for a higher sanctity enables us to become normally saints. For these acts,
are a calling to a universal intuition that leads to the highest development in the universe. The Trinity expects us to know Him reasoning due to faith.
Faith in something that is correct is righteous, for it has an evidence for doing so, and its foundation is truth. We cannot have faith in something that is
incorrect for it is demonic and against the wisdom of the Creator. The Trinity supreme intellect will always lead us to the mystery of divine love. Divine
love is found to be universal, for it encompasses all minds. It correctly orients us to the divine wisdom of God that lies therein in the universe. Each
error found, must be corrected according to a university. A university is not confined only to a local wisdom, rather a university works universally for
it is by its purpose that made it one. A universal intelligence, is naturally shared, if not then a global inquiry is required. Global intelligence, by
virtue of universality helps us understand the universality of the mind. The university is supposed to be in alignment with universal intelligence. Individuality
by virtue of the university, must open itself to the abundant blessings that the universe have therein. For the universe was created for the stability and
the ever presence of divinity, such that each communal believer must held accountable of His actions with regards to the Trinitarian Gospel. Hence, a knowledge
gained must be in accord with the Trinitarian supremacy, and performs dogmatically accountable, where there is no actions due to sin.

Believing, hoping, and loving the infallible will lead us to the supernatural. The eternal Father has ordained an amiable divine plan in accord with His eternal
Wisdom. This plan must not be understood by human means, but only accord to the infinite credibility of the Creator. As we have known it, surrendering
our will to the Father, as exactly as it is as stated, will let us hear the voice of the Father. Rather, to understand this deeply, we must relate ourselves
with the deep desire to become saints and to love God by natural tendency to increase our sanctity all the way. For God deeply loves a soul that is attached to
Him at all moments of His life. The Cross was meant to let us understand that God is willing to sacrifice His son, a true God and true Man, begotten, to
acquire us the living virtue of knowing that God can do marvellous things only if we believe. God did sacrificed His son and did not spare Him for the salvation
of the world. This is eternal Wisdom. By Wisdom, the creation had its full meaning, that of which is the Eucharistic life. Without Jesus, the true Messiah,
how could we go to heaven? For He had open for us the gates of heaven. Likewise, our eternal gratitude must show in our apostolic orientation to life.
Neither anything finite can ever satisfy the heart. This is an iron hot knowledge of the Trinity. There is nothing in this life can ever satisfy us, other than
the infinitely good, and infinite Himself, God. God who is infinite can satisfy the deepest longing of our heart, we can by divine means understand this
but the grace of enlightenment on this matter, will leave us scrambling and looking for something that will solve our problems. God who is infinite,
desires satisfaction of our apostolic life. In this we understand that the Holy Spirit had our backs, He have everything under control and does not back
down from the urge to commit sin due to weakness, lack of wisdom, or lack of virtue. For the Holy Spirit, cannot let us fail in terms of sanctity. It is by
the spirit of God that enables us to live in the newness of the divine order. For is to live a virtuous life, is a matter of believing that we can. For
tremendous overflowing graces are awaiting to be given to us, the moment we believe that we are capable of achieving sainthood, or even the knowledge to become
the highest worshippers of God on earth. What matters is, our trust with the Creator. In our weakness, we know that we can only do much, but with God
who is infinite can do all things even the most impossible ones. That is thoroughly testified according to the countless miracles of the saints. They have
been a living image of the truthfulness of the impossibility to the becoming possible. We must never lose hope, for God who is infallible, can make things
work by natural understanding of the moral truth. That He is capable of doing things beyond human measure. That the Wisdom of capable of solving all problems
in the world. There is but no error in Wisdom, for its divine essence is universally and globally true. Wisdom by virtue of grace, enables us to live in
perfect harmony with the universal governance of God, from which His sovereign acts are perfectly known in the eternal order.

Only the infinite satisfies. How can one ever know why is life dysfunctional? The Blessed Trinity knows deeply human problems, and by Wisdom, He enables
us to live in natural tendency to act according to His universal mind. By the knowledge of the Trinity, we can deeply understand the newness of all
righteous developments. There is but no error in His governance of the universe, for He is its master, by divine frequency, there is but a plethora
of possibilities, or from a theological point of view, infinite possibilities of universal communion establishing divine connection through Wisdom.
The Wisdom is full of divine righteousness, and by apostolic vision He acts in normalcy despite the heavy burdens of doing so. Hence, He acts with ease
knowing that His sovereignty is true and ever lasting. The sovereignty of God cannot fail, for He governs the universe in a way that is comprehensible
to the mind of the Trinity. For us to have the mind of the Trinity is to believe that there is something more than we can naturally conceive. Someone whose
strength can be truly supernatural and affect the universe in a way that is seemingly impossible to the mortal eye. As we understood it, only God
can do miracles, He can even move mountains if He wish. But however, He naturally believes in sanctification. Hence, the divine and cosmic orientation
of the Trinity will always be in accord with apostolic wisdom. For in subsistence there is true understanding of theology. By morality, subsistence explains
the divine unity of truth. Hence, truth by its divine coherence with all other truths, by divine essence effectually presents Himself by Trinity, and
explains to us the moral state of all created beings, or even natural events  and the reasoning why it is or has been done, and inform us of the answer
to our divine inquiry. The Trinity as we have said, knows everything, and everything that is happening in the cosmos, by virtue of grace, He governs it
supernaturally which explains its perfection in accord with magisterial inquiry. For it is by supernatural events that the Bishop of Rome is capable
of interpreting such events in the light of the Holy Trinity. The supernatural signifies God, and cannot fail in its divine purpose, for it is by that
way that the Creator by Himself explains His strength in accord with His will. God is truly self sufficient and lacks nothing, by divine grace, He acts
to supernaturally inform us of the sacred state of the universe. His knowledge extends to all Christological understanding. For in Christ, knows everything
in His divine mind and supernatural understanding of the moral order. This grace, of knowing the Father, originates from a deep inquiry of conscience
and consciousness. It is by these two primordial knowledge, there is fullness of moral grace. For it is by conscience that solves physicality, and by
consciousness solves the problems of the body. To supernaturally understand both is to know the higher knowledge of heavenly love. And in accord to the
universal intellect, the supernatural knowledge of the Father is morally known. The will of the Father is infallible. It simply means, that anything that
is infallible, by itself means the truth. Truth by the will of the Father proves He is sovereign, if He enacts according to His will, once proclamation
of infallibility, will render it true. That does not exclude future events. Future events by signification of truth is correct. And by the will of the Father
through infallibility, a divine essence renders that through our conscience and consciousness as a truth to be consider to be sole truth. Any transgression
thereof, is sin. And does not leave it it unanswered for it is by the will of the Father, we will come to understand the deep recesses of truth. In His
knowledge of possibilities, He cannot grant infallibility if it’s against our sanctity, it is an iron hot truth. However, in terms of divine possibilities,
there is nothing in creation that can be devoid of its miraculous and supernatural manifestation, if perchance only does not transgress sanctity. For in sanctity
the knowledge of the Creator is signified, and it is by sanctity that the truth is signified. Sanctity then proves that correctness of truth is possible.


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