Testator – Hebrews 9:16

Testator – Hebrews 9:16
Greetings in Christ,
The Testator enables us to live in the universal life of Christ.
The universality of Christ’s life is sacredly obtained through His divine resurrection. It is
through this sacred aspect we can learn the biblical orientation of the disciples. Discipleship is
always oriented in the divine resurrection, for their hope was never in vain, and in their faith
their universality is achieved.
Love is the reason for moral existence. For us to acquire grace, is a sign of love.
The universality of Christ’s divine orientation towards life, is a life that enables us to
understand an overflowing of grace. For Christ’s life is all about grace.
Christ’s life signifies the morality of the divine nature. Hence, we fulfill divine righteousness, for
in divinity we can find fullness of morality.
Moral law enables us to understand that grace is meant to be shared. Hence, grace infallibly
leads us to the communion of love.
The truthfulness of morality, is a sacred essence of the Trinity. His possession over divine
matters leads us to the spiritual love of Christ.
Christ’s truthfulness and His biblical words enables us to understand the divine Papacy.
The biblical dimension of the Trinity is Christological.
Christ’s church is steeped in moral law. For its divine and natural perspective is apostolic.
The Truth about Christ’s dimension is a dimension of love. For its sacred and divine meaning
signifies the truthfulness of the saints in heaven.
Davidic life enables us to understand the divine constellation. Whenceforth, in davidic life we
can live in accordance with the sacred text. The sacred text is in radical ways natural and
cosmic, for its sacred meaning is collegial and truthful. Hence, it is but without constraint from
positive law. Rather, its divine meaning remains for all eternity.
We end with a Marian prayer
In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen
Blessed Mother, thank you for your love
In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen
In Christ through Mary,


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