5th Marian Dogma

The Holy Spirit’s unbelievable love gives rise to supernatural understanding of Trinitarian dogma. The divine evidence of sanctifying love creates a

Triune moral atmosphere. The divine evidence of morality gives rise to supernatural love. God’s credibility gives meaning to eternal love. The true evidence

of sanctifying love gives moral acceptance of true dogma. The unity in moral understanding accepts the moral fact of love. Mary’s supernatural acceptance

of truth renders her supreme charity eternally and morally known. The Holy Spirit understands moral facts, and understands Triune evidence of love. The

supernatural truth of God’s credibility arises in understand supernatural facts. The natural evidence of sanctifying love satisfies the hunger of

moral believers. The Trinitarian acceptance of moral faith assures credibility is known. The natural knowledge of the Creator assures moral perfection of love.

The Holy Spirit understands morality and understands moral perfection. The Holy Spirit’s natural understanding gives rise to the infallibility of love.

The natural expectant love of the spirit of Truth gives rise to the eternal truth of love. The evidences of Truth assures moral perfection. The Holy Spirit’s

credence gives moral evidence to love. The sanctifying truth of love assures morality. The evidence to understand God is deeply moral. For us to

understand morality is to understand the supernatural facts of Triune and divine conscious evidence. The Holy Spirit understands divine intuition through

the guidance of His supernatural wisdom. The Holy Spirit understands morality and understands Triune divine perfection. The evidence of sanctifying love assures

moral credibility. The Holy Spirit’s evidences are in accord with Triune morality and infallible truthful knowledge. The divine evidence of God’s specific

knowledges are in accord with supernatural truth and Triune divine morality. The Holy Spirit’s credence assures moral perfection and evidential truthful credence.

The evidences of love is in accord with supernatural spiritual and Triune morality. The Christ-like life of ours gives rise to supernatural understanding

and moral truth.


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