Sin, a discourse to eternity

Doctor Salience


The divine Christian hope starts in the morality of the Creator. The Word of God, given, is written according to the eternal imprinting of His heart. Further, the Word of God is not just a dependent term about who God is from His divinity vantage point, but rather a Word that is written according to His character. Further, the Word is really existing according to the biblical scriptural writing, and His lively participation in the mystery of divine and true salvation. The Word of God not only exist in the precision of time and space, rather He exist also on various dimensions not excluding the divine integrity of His script. Further, the script is alive for the Word of God is true, the script is correct, since the Word of God is correct. Whenever we read the script is within our mind, likewise, what we are reading expresses the divine language of the Creator. Further, the Word of God allows us to divinely understand the supreme hope of Christians. The Word of God allows us to love according to the gravity of national supremacy. Further, a diocese in the mind of the Word of God specializes according to its primer divine truth. The prominence of the script, expresses the prominence of the non-primordiality of the eternal Truth. The Word of God exists in eternity and does not primordially allow error in His divine and true procedure. The Word expresses His divinity through love, scriptural knowledge, and divine true pre-existence. Further, the Word of God does not express what is not primordially acceptable, rather expresses what is possible in the Immaculate Conception of God, through Marian integrity and conscious interpretation of script. Mary’s integrity allows us to believe in Christ, who is the Word, a living one, and Incarnate one, who walks inside the universe in a fashion that shares for us His dignity, humane acceptance, and crucifixion integrity. The Word assures us that His supreme secrecy allows us to approve the divine nationality of love.


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