God’s moral knowledge of the cosmic order gives us the chance to act according to His eternal light. Since Christ is inseparable with Truth and reality,
His credible knowledge of the true order gives us the definite meaning of our lives.

The Trinity’s responsibility regarding our salvation gives shape to our moral knowledge of the cosmic order. Since Christ ordains the possibility of our
salvation, He supports it according to His love. Love gives us the possibility and true sense of hope.

Christ’s knowledge of theology gives us the logical advantage towards our salvation. Since Christ is the source and master of all theologies, our
knowledge of His divine intervention must give rise to our responsibility to act according to His given grace.

Since God cannot lie, the divine possibility of true salvation is definite and correct. This definiteness is in accord with Eucharistic theology.

God’s moral justice gives meaning to the eternal light of salvation. Since salvation consists of cooperating with God’s plan, grace cannot be denied
at all times. To deny grace is to deny the goodness of God. God’s true understanding gives us the daily knowledge to act according to grace.

The possibility for a good life lies in hands of God. This possibility gives meaning to our good works. However, a good life does not consist
only of material possessions and temporal happiness, but of Eucharistic faith. The Trinity desires our maturation in our quest for eternal life.

The eternal light gives meaning to our spiritual journey towards salvation. Our mind must be constantly filled with the desire for communion.
A communion of love and trust in God. To trust God is to believe in His goodness. To believe in God’s goodness is to believe that He is existing.

The goodness of God shines in eternity. It is always a possibility even when we are still living. This gives our soul immense joy. To know that
God is good gives us a true sense of happiness and hope. For in life their is hardships beyond comparison. To have hope, is to be one with God’s desire.

Our understanding of God must not fall short of the divine worth of the Gospel. Since the Word of God is heavily correct, its definitive meaning cannot be
denied in the spiritual life. The inseparability of the Word of God with our day-to-day life is morally correct. Since God adheres only to what
is orthodox and correct, God assures us of the grace for its moral completion. The completion of orthodoxy and correctness is in accord with the divine plan.
Since the divine plan is only what is true and moral, God gives justice through moral theology. Fear of God is correct, since it gives us the responsibility
to believe in the eternal Good. The eternal Good which is God, cannot be denied of His sovereign governance of the universe. The universe is subject
to the will of God through grace. Moreover, if divine providence wills it, we can ask virtually any of God. Since God cannot deny a prayer if it
is iron hotly in accord with His desire for salvation, God wills it according to His moral power, and divine intuition. Since Christ cannot deny anything
of eternal worth, God superbly acts according to the supernatural manifestation of His desire. Supernatural means are in accord with God’s eternal plan.

The eternal light sheds true meaning to charity. Since the message of God assures us that eternal law is effectual. The effectuality of eternal law
proves God’s divinity.

Love in the reasoning of faith assures us that the divine Truth is in our side. Since Truth is undeniable, it gives moral progress in our spiritual life.
The undeniable meaning of Truth sheds to the possibility of eternal love.

Life is Christ. If we dim it to be correct, the possibility to act according to moral truth is correct. Since Christ is truly moral, His definitive
words give meaning to charity. We cannot deny the Word, since the Word expounds the real meaning of love.

The divine life assures us that all questions can be answered by our omnipotent God. Since a God knows everything by virtue of the divine life we can
prove God’s existence. Existence by Himself is true, since it sheds light to the hardness of heart of a known believer.

God is moral since His salvific charity proves it. The Word gives us the assurance of God’s existence. Since the Word captivates us, He cannot be denied
of His true moral presence in the universe. The Word gives us the responsibility to act according to His supreme desire. Since the Word is correct,
we cannot live without His true meaning. The supreme knowledge of God gives us the orthodox reaction to His love. God’s intertwining love gives
us the correct understanding of the true order. God’s knowledge expands our awareness of love. Since love is morally able, He signifies what is correct
in the eyes of God. The Trinity’s supreme knowledge of the moral order is correct and morally true. Since the Trinity desires our sanctification,
we must live according to God’s desires and plan. The plan of God cannot fail since its correct understanding is morally true. The true love of the
Eucharist lies in His moral plan. More so, that the mystery of God’s desire can manifest in reality. Reality is the lot of the just, and the lot of
the Trinity. To understand reality is to understand the mystery of the Holy Trinity. Reality is in accord with Wisdom since grace supports it.

The Holy Trinity certainty is in accord with His love. The love of the Trinity starts with moral repentance. If we believe in mercy we can become
truly saints. The Trinity’s supreme charity gives meaning to our lives. Since our lives are oriented to divine Truth, the possibility of salvation is
morally true. The correctness due to love, is orthodox and gives us the possibility for love in eternal life. Eternity gives meaning to salvation.
Conscience must be protected at all times, since love is credible. The possibility for loving must be correct, since God exists. God’s existence
sheds possibility for eternal love. Rightouesness is correct, since the Father tells only what He desires. The desire of the Father is in accord
with pure truth. The divine Truth gives us the radical knowledge of true possibility of salvation. The desire of the saints gives us the possibility
to believe in eternal Truth. The love that God can give to us, is a radical truth of His eternal salvation. Since salvation consists of participation
to eternal love, God gives us the necessary graces for its commitment. The universe of love, is correct, since God advocates what is only of Truth.
Since Truth is inseparable with the works of God, His infinite love signifies. Infinity gives meaning to finite through love. The finite must be given
only due honourable recognition if it is working towards eternity.

God’s love is infinite. In this notion alone, heaven must be infinitely satisyfing. Heaven must be our ultimate fulfillment in life. Heaven must be
the greatest place for love, and communion. Without God our efforts would have been useless, since God’s hand supports our claim of truth. Truth expects
us to behave according to orthodoxy and correctness. The Father knows the divine truth. He cannot be denied of His charity and infallibility.
The divine truth consists in knowing what is relevant in the eyes of God, not exluding our desire. Since a divine element of salvation is knowing what
God knows, our participation to His eternal plan is imminent. God proves that the existence of love is correct. Likewise, love proves that God is divine.
The knowledge of God’s salvific works amounts to knowing His credibility and love. Credibility gives rise to the eternal knowingness of love. Since
love is morally understood in the light of truth, God is imminently understood. God’s love for truth is unrelenting since it is the known source
for our salvation. Without Truth, salvation becomes dim, and not according to divine charity. Charity expounds the radical knowledge of God. Since God
is charity, we cannot deny the teaching of the Gospel at all times. The correctness of love proves that God is orthodox and morally able in all His works.

The Infinite will always shed light to the possibility of eternal love. To learn that God is love, is to believe in His salvific will. The will of God
assures us that the possibility of salvation is correct. The truth about God’s love is a truth that is correct.

Theology will open for us avenues of grace. Theology in the light of the Holy Ghost allows us to understand that God is Truth. Orthodoxy enables us live
a life in accord with divine love. Since orthodoxy sheds meaning to the possibility of unity, we can learn that the Catholicism is founded on infallible
truth. The Catholic Church’s foundation sheds us light to the responsibility to believe in love. Love is responsible for our journey towards life. Since love
is imminently God, we can never deny the possibility for true communion. Unity in the reason of love is infallible, since God desires its manifestation.
To prove that the desire of God is orthodox, we must believe in the possibility of knowing His rich knowledge of truth. Truth liberates us from misunderstanding
God’s desire. Likewise, to live a life in accord with the liberal Truth, is to live a life in accord with God’s biblical desire. The knowledge to live
in accord with the divine Truth is unrelenting, and wakes us up for the reason of its infallibility. Truth will always shed meaning to the responsibility to
act according to grace. Grace ensures that our journey towards heaven is correct.

The spirit of God assures us that He knows all laws. Since His lively existence proves that all laws are subject to His command, we can learn His goodness
and love. The spirit of God is understandable since our conscience adheres to His commands. The spirit of God knows every law in the universe since
His knows all spiritual journey towards heaven. To understand this divine truth, we must believe in things we cannot see. Since this capitalizes
our need for supernatural freedom, we can understand that liberality in accord with Truth is correct. The Holy Spirit desires our freedom, but yet
He understands that a person’s desire for freedom must be in accord with His desire for salvation. To live in freedom we must be in accord with the spirit of God
whom is our ultimate freedom. God is our freedom, God is our master. We can learn that the Holy Spirit is morally knowledgeable of our life. The Holy Spirit’s
freedom signifies our divine virtue. Since the spirit of God is morally understandable, we cannot deny His love. Love is deeply imprinted in our soul
and in this way we can understand that love is true. Love is true, since God’s divinity is correct. To understand divine love is correctly orient ourselves to
the divine truth.

The truth of love is a mystery. Since love is correct, we can learn that we can trust on Him. Trusting in love is trusting in God’s wisdom. Since we believe
that love is God, love is the one our hearts long for. We long for love, for we are created to love and for love. We are created to love since God’s wisdom
is correct. We are created for love since righteousness is true. Righteousness is correct, if we dim that the Father is correct. Hence, we are made righteous
if we dim that the Father is correct. To agree with the Father, is to become righteous. To become righteous is to understand that the Father is correct.
The Father can never be incorrect, since He knows all dimensions. Whatever He can say, or have said, is worthy. The Father can never be unrighteous
since He knows what’s happening in the moral universe. The Father knows what we shall do because He knows what is true. The Father knows what is
right for us. We must trust Him. We must lay down our life for Him. We must be obedient to Him. Being obedient to the Father gladdens His heart. Being
obedient to the Father by virtue of His audible voice allows us to fulfill His desire. The Father knows what is always best, and what’s best for us.

I understand St. Peter very much. But what captivates the hearts of the saints is love. The more we love them, the more we gain favor. This is a divine truth.
We can learn that love captivates everyone in the universe. Love is fulfilling the divine commandments of God. Love is fulfilling our divine birthright.
Love captivates us because He is truly God. Love is truly God! (1 John 4:8). The more we have come to understand the possibility to love, the more
the possibility to understand the divine truth of heaven becomes possible. Heaven gives us the highest fulfillment to love, since in heaven all that there
is, is love. To finally live in heaven is a divine fulfillment. It’s my highest desire. Heaven fulfills all our desires. In there, there can never be
any sorrow anymore. There can never be fear of death anymore, since we live for all eternity. I understand that when the devils rebelled against God,
they might have chosen that there is something greater than love. But we can understand, that there is no higher fulfilment than to love, be loved.
Love gives us the impression that we can leave for all eternity. Eternity, oh eternity! I desire to be there! I desire to fulfill the Word of God. I desire
to be in heaven!

The Holy Spirit moves the universe. The Holy Spirit is the breathe of God. The Holy Spirit is a reliable friend. We can rely on His grace at all times.
The Holy Spirit justice live forever. He acts with moral certainty, and acts according to supernatural truth. He can never be incorrect since He knows
everything. The Holy Spirit understands everything. To understand the reasoning according to love, we must live a life in accord with St. Peter’s wisdom.
St. Peter is ironly hot based on the spirit of God. He works only through the impulse of God’s grace. Grace is an infallible truth. We cannot deny the
existence of grace. The truth of grace allows us to believe in God. Grace assures us of the correct understanding of God’s plan. Since God’s grace assures
us that His existence is correct, we can learn that His moral love is morally justifiable. Grace assures us that love is correct. Love only assures us
the truth. Love cannot say what is contrary to divine Truth. Since Love is morally and jusifiable Truth. Love corrects in our inordinate affection.
Likewise, love proves that the universality of the Redeemer is correct. The Messiah is justifiable since He allows us to recognize His supernatural plan.


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