Virgin most prudent

Greetings in Christ,
The Virgin most prudent enhances our knowledge of the divine cosmos and its inherent property to let us
communicate in a divine fashion.
Mary’s supreme love regarding the Eucharist is thoroughly known through the apostolic capability of the early
disciples. In this manner,
we can understand that the Eucharistic journey has a very high regard with the divine continuum or apostolic life.
Mary and her divine aspect regards our intellectual knowledge of the mosaic law and its definite agreement in
view to the new law. For in new law,
we can find the mind of Christ working and enables us to have the grace necessary to follow the mosaic law.
However in this manner, the inherent
grace to follow and observe the mosaic law, defines the supreme and deep love of Christ.
The mosaic law is found in its dynamic intelligence of the Trinity. However, this law cannot be followed without
the divine property of the Trinity,
that of which is love. For the primer and divine reason for observing it is due to love.
Love enables us to follow all the commands and desires of Christ. Hence, the reason for all divine achievements
and apostolic obedience arise from one’s
love for the Trinity.
The supreme integrity of Christ can be found in His Eucharistic and apostolic presence. Hence, the Eucharist
who was instituted by Christ infallibly obtains
us the grace to become apostolic. The church which defines its supremacy and indestructibility through its moral
existence, is worthy of sacred knowledge
and moral interest.
Christ’s supreme dimensions of love infallibly declares our integrity of the Eucharistic worthiness. We, in
sanctifying grace, enables us to understand
the deeper meaning of life which is apostolic and Trinitarian. For in this manner, we can realize that our supreme
dignity is found in our blessed allegiance
with the Trinity.
We end with a Marian prayer
In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen
Blessed Mother, thank you for your love
In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen
In Christ through Mary,


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