Code of Ethics


Our personal experience in knowing God amounts to knowing the Holy Spirit, in following His lead we have come to understand the liberal knowledge of God. With the Holy Spirit we can go beyond our strength and act with supreme natural certainty. With Him we can understand the biblical script regarding supreme natural motions, in the Holy Spirit we can live a perfectly moral life. To prove that the Holy Spirit is moral, is to understand the supreme motions of God. The dignity of God is knowing who He is, and knowing how He acts proves that the Trinity is one. Furthermore, to understand the supreme knowledge of motions is to understand the divine emotions of God. The divine immanence of creation is beyond normal comprehension. For the creation is bound to be known according to love. The infinitely known Trinity can be comprehended according to divine love. For in love there is perfect knowingness of God. The Holy Spirit’s morality assures us a credence of supreme natural truth. The divine holiness of God is knowing the Triune mercy of creation. The divine understanding of truth assures us an understanding of supreme natural truth. The divine Trinity acts according to supreme natural truth. With this in His mind, we can understand the supreme freedom of the Word. The natural integrity of Christ amounts to knowing supreme morality and supreme natural choices.


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