Greetings in Christ,
Grace therefore lets us understand the divine reality. The divine reality, that God is really existing.
God’s existence means a graceful living. Wherefore, we can see that the divine reality is blessed with
natural capabilities of the Lord.
Grace enables us to see the truth about God – that is, that He is ever living. Whence forth, the truth
about God is a truth about Himself. Therefore, an act of pure thought, that leads to universal love.
The truth about God is that He is truth Himself, that cannot be void by any means possible, hence,
morality is a truth of the natural or a means to access divine grace.
The divine grace is seen as a thought of being in the moral universe. Hence, our natural existence
towards the divine is seen as eternal.
The truth about grace is that grace is naturally giving us supernatural virtues. Wherefore, any act of
the Trinity is an act of Himself. Therefore, that of which is God is He Himself.
Grace enables us to act according to truth. A very important knowledge of sacerdotal mind.
Truth always acts for in grace, for in grace is the home and author of the sacred truth. The home of
God is always the truth.
Facts about the truth are sacerdotal interests. Whence, we can see that the divine truth, praxially
affecting the divine truth, which is the Truth.
Grace is seen as moral and divine reparation to the exceeding glory of the Trinity. Henceforth, any
acts according to grace are always in fullness of the laws of the Universe especially God’s.
The fullness of the divine morality is found through sacrificial grace. Positively seen as the eternal
offering of God as Himself as an eternal and multitude of divine sacrifice present in all eternity.
We end with a Marian prayer
In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen
Blessed Mother, thank you for your imaginative love
In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen
In Christ through Mary,


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