Universal law

Doctor Salience – Kin D. Bueno

Diocese of Paranaque under Bishop Jesse Mercado

Universal law


The divine supremacy of the divine Word approves a concept of truth by reason of supernatural choice.

The eternity of love is correct since the Word of God is not primordially inclined to do so.

The Word of God is mystically inclined towards salvation.

The Word’s supreme intelligence is based on cosmic integrity

The divine supremacy of the Eucharist gives us a word of knowledge

The divine conscience of truth approves a universal office.

The cosmic intelligence of the Eucharist approves a concept of moral truth.

The Magisterium reserves the right to excommunicate bishops unformally consecrated.

The Magisterium preserves the ecclesia through Roman spiritual warfare.

The Magisterium understand the divine integrity of hope through ecclesialism.

The divine Magisterium acts according to the divine integrity of the cosmic Word.



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