Holy doctors of the Roman Catholic church, St. Augustine.

St. Augustine – Doctor of Grace, Doctor of Eternal Truth – (http://www.ourladyswarriors.org/saints/doctlist.htm)
7)The Grace of God is Not Given According to Merit, But Itself Makes All Good Desert
Thus, it is necessary for a man that he should be not only justified when unrighteous by the grace of God—that is, be changed from unholiness to
righteousness—when he is requited with good for his evil; but that, even after he has become justified by faith, grace should accompany him on his
way, and he should lean upon it, lest he fall.

How can we be justified by faith? Being justified with faith approves moral certainty. It is a sign of true and correct predestination. Grace assures
us that God’s perfection is correct. Justification approves the Eucharistic desire. Justification approves Zionistic love. Zion assures us that faith considers.
Grace assures us that universal truth is correct. Emotional intelligence assures us that we can learn how to give grace. Justification without works,
is a denial of grace. Justification assures us that Eucharistic desire is true. Unholiness approves that evil exists, in the light of true existence.
Righteousness according to grace expounds the real truth. Righteousness according to evil merit, expounds corruption. Evil merit expounds a denial of truth
and acceptance of a falsified intelligence. Leaning to grace assures us that we continue to live in eternity. Grace expounds that we can learn to love.
For in grace, there is perfection of truth. Grace assures us that we can learn to love the truth. For in loving the truth, there is perfection of grace.
Grace corrects our inordinate understanding of truth. Grace corrects inordinate understanding of love. In grace, there is truth. And in grace, there
is perfect truth. Grace can be understood in the light of supernatural truth. Divine revelation asserts for us, that God’s credibility is correct. Through grace
we can love freely; and learn it. Grace in the name of Christ expounds the truth that we remain in love. Grace allows us to continue to pursue God.
And in correctness, we can prove that God is infinitely holy. Grace justifies, not according to immorality, but according to righteousness. Grace is in
accord with the divine plan. And grace approves for us our participation to eternal life. Grace connects us to the divine reality, and in grace there
is perfect knowledge of truth. Grace is given by God according to our charitable acts. But it is given according to eternal truth. Grace accords us to truth.
For in grace, we can learn to live in truth.


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