Greetings in Christ,
Phalanx, is the divine armory, it requires a pre-supposition of the divine understanding of the moral dogma.
Through a person’s act of phalanx He acknowledges the divinity of God and acknowledges the Triune God. It
enables Him to exercise a power, a power to understand
the divine origination of an existing divine phenomena. It lets us understand the deep and original cause of
something rather than let it exist without
proper divine attention.
Reasoning through the context of love, proves that God’s love is sacramental. It pre-supposes a faith that is
centered on Christ and a hope that is unfailing
in Mary’s divine providence.
A substance known is a divine knowledge of the divine. It enables us understand the deep moral responsibility of
the relevant party of a phenomena’s origination,
for it is duly not affectual but proves it’s existence.
Phalanx in the context of substance proves that everything in accord with the Trinity can be duly known. A
substance revealed is a proof of the divine and
deep love of God in relation to His dogmatic intelligence in the universe.
The dogmatic intelligence of the Trinity proves that a substance must and due to exist in a phenomena, for it
proves His sovereignty and divine governance
in the moral universe.
The Trinity’s knowledge of substances proves that His creation is one, and there are no more than one instances
of the same substance, lest it becomes
a heresy. A truthfulness according to the divine dogma proves that God is revelationistic but also in accord with
His dogmatic intelligence that primarily
governs the universe. He but cannot reveal something that human nature is not ready, rather proves that
revelation signifies heaven through earth.
A revelation that is not accepted by human nature is a denial of faith. A revelation that can be accepted by human
nature suffices the purpose of faith.
We end with a Marian prayer
In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen
Blessed Mother, thank you for your love
In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen
In Christ through Mary,


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