The Holy Writ

(Holy Ghost)
Diocese of Parañaque – Kin D. Bueno
La Pente – Gospel
(Always understanding what’s correct)

Our master is Christ, we assure that His divine knowledge of true foreknowledge is correct. The more we believe in Him, the more we liberate ourselves
from divine slavery. More so, that His effectual understanding pervades truth. Love is completely true, and love forbids us to sin. Lest, we sin deliberately.
Preaching without practice, is like being a hypocrite. To love allows us to understand God’s saving truth. For in loving we commit to what is true. And
in loving we commit to truth. We have one master, for His supreme governance is correct. God’s Word allow us to definitively understand His cosmic truth.
Cosmos in relation to Christ allows us to understand the deep moral truth of love. For in love, there is perfect governance. And in truth, there is
a perfect straight path. God’s cosmicity, allows us to define truth. And in truth, cosmicity is revealed. There is no error in truth, for its possibilities
define what is true. God’s definitive Word, allows us to live in eternity. Eternity, is reasonable, since the Word of God is correct. The apostolic life
of God, is truly and masterfully wonderful. God as a master, allows us to believe in God’s saving truth. There is no truth that is not in accord with
eternity. And in eternity is absolutely conformed in truth. Truth allows us to be free, and in being free there is truth. God’s truth liberates us from
divine slavery. And in God’s cosmicity, we can allow our vision to blossom. Not through immorality, but in accord with love. Visions allow us to
understand God’s saving truth. For in sacred truth, there is perfect and true communion. There is one Father in heaven, for Papacy is correct.
The truth lies in understanding. And in understanding we can know truth. Truth sets us free, for Truth is free. Truth frees us, for Truth is perfectly
and Triunely liberal.

God’s life is an assurance of our natural perception of His moral goodness. The Father loves the Son for the reason that the creative truth is moral.
The definitive reason of God’s perception allows us to understand a deep moral truth of love. Since there is no error, in perspective, there is no error
in God’s persona. The knowledge of God gives us the understanding we need to love. The perspective to see is to understand the deep moral truth of grace.
The moment we learn the purpose of grace, we can learn the purpose of love. For in purpose of love, we can see immortal goodness. Goodness gives us the
information of God’s supreme intellect. Since goodness is in accord with Triune love, the more we see goodness, the more we can see Christ. Love’s immortal
knowledge gives us the understanding of truth. There is moral correctness in love. And in love there is perfection of truth. Love cannot act without the
supreme evidence and moral reason to do so. Since God loves only what is true, He cannot love falsification. More so, that these facts are in accord
with Trinitarian and moral law. Eternal law is a law that gives us the credence to believe in truth. Not by reason of mechanical truth, but a reason that
God infallibly exists. Existence is a manifestation of supreme divine and consciential control. God has infinite control, not by reason of mechanical truth,
but by reason that His existence is true. The Father knows the supreme divine control of supreme truth. Since the Father exactly knows the supreme knowledge
of moral truth. There is no error in His understanding neither, in His supreme moral divine judgement. The Father knows moral perspective. And in this way,
we can learn that infallible knowledge in His immortal hands. The love of the Father expounds the reality of truth. And in His love, we can learn how
to believe in truth.

The divine truth of God’s love is a special pervading normal divine knowledge. Since the love of God pervades our hearts, we must learn to love one another.
The divine knowledge of truth gives us the meaning of cosmic truth. For in cosmos, we must understand the love that is truly ours. The divine truth
of the cosmos gives meaning our knowledge of Israelites’ love. Since the pervading cosmos is allowing us to understand the moral truth of the Gospel,
the energies of life goes round in the cosmos to “create” a Triune moral atmosphere. The sensitivity to understand is moral, and the logic to believe
is moral. Likewise, the Triune morality gives us the natural perspective to understand. The cosmos is a real proof of God’s existence. More so, that
the divine knowledge of Christ liberally orients us to love. God’s supreme orientation is Eucharistic. God’s supreme knowledge is moral. The evidences
of sanctification pervades all moral knowledge; which in a true sense, signifies true morality. The creation of the cosmos, was done in perfect manner,
to allow our universal knowledge to access the divine spirits of morality. The morality of Christ, is spiritually allowing us to believe in the Gospel.
Since the Gospel allows us to believe in God’s morality, the existence of the divine Word, expounds the reality of divine and true love. The Gospel
allows us to understand God’s moral truth. Since existence is correct, we must learn the definitive moral truth. God’s pervading love, exists in
in the Gospel, and by true contingency is understood in the light of holy existence. Existing knowledge allows us recognize the supreme dignity of God.
Since existence is truly moral, God cannot be immoral at any true state. God’s pervading knowledge is existing, and must be disregarded in all divine causes.


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