Doctor Neo – Law
Diocese of Parañaque – Kin D. Bueno
La Pente – Law
Doctor Neo – La Pente Law***

The knowledge of Christ assures us morality. Since the infallible doctrine of God is truly moral, its considerable difference is knowledgeable by moral
Triune love. The Holy Spirit’s assurance gives us the credibility to believe. The knowledge to understand gives us cosmic understanding. The supreme
evidence to believe sanctifies, for the reason that the existence of God exists. The satisfaction of God is truly moral. To understand moral dignity,
is to understand supernatural love. The supreme knowledge of the true God defines moral infallibility. The Holy Spirit’s credence is infallible,
more so that His credence approves divine and true morality. The knowledge to believe is credible. The knowledge to understand is moral. The Holy Spirit’s
approval is merciful, since His credibility is correct. The supreme charity of the moral God is truly correct. The definite intelligence of love is moral.
The Triune Mercy acts in supremacy and is credible in all sacred dimensions. Christ who is truly pure accesses our spirits by way of Eucharistic love.
Our spirit is the most sacred knowledge of the infallible God. Our soul is the most holy place of the most Holy Trinity. Our mind is the supreme
tabernacle of the Triune God. Our see, is the most sacred place of the Holy Spirit. The credence to believe is natural. The credence to see, is supernatural.
The credibility to believe gives evidence for moral love. The Triune Mercy accepts morality as it is. For it is by morality, the supernatural realm
truly is known. The knowledge of Christ gives rise to moral love. The eternity of Christ assures morality in its shapest form. The quantum knowledge of
Christ assures us the divine providence of God. The canonical stability of love is truly moral and accesses all spiritual knowledges.

The moral stability of loves gives meaning to the spiritual journey. Spiritual love is assured of it moral evidence. Since sanctifying grace assures
moral integrity, the divine ray of cosmic hope is infinitely credible. The supernatural journey to life is assured of its credible manifestation.
God’s supreme natural evidence to love gives meaning to our supernatural life. The spiritual love to understand morality is supremely credible.
The natural understanding of biblical love gives credible meaning to life. The understanding to believe is moral since God’s credibility is correct.
The supernatural life to understand is infinitely understandable. Bible is written for the signification of truth. Morality was assimilated in one’s life
through moral love. The body of Christ assures that morality is in effect. The Triune evidence to understand the biblical script is a supernatural proof
of God’s divinity. The divine unity of all moral believers assures moral confidence in Triune morality. Since the Eucharistic knowledge is supremely understandable,
the evidence to understand is credible. The biblical script can be understood in the point of view of morality. Since we understand it that way, the morality
that leads to its supernatural understanding is supreme, natural, and supremely evidential. The natural evidence to understand is moral, by way of
signification of truth. The Eucharist’s proof is morality, morality is Eucharistic inclined according to moral love. The evidence to sanctity is moral,
by reason that the Blessed Trinity exists. The existence of the Eucharist, proves that reality is correct. The divine Eucharistic love, is supremely
understandable by reason of natural motions. The Eucharist’s moral evidence is supremely credible. Since the bible is known by supreme truth, we can learn
the divine language of God by moral reason. The Eucharist’s supreme natural truth gives rise to cosmic natural dependency. The knowledge to understand is moral
if we learn according to what is love.

God’s divine evidence is moral. To fully understand love we must understand His divine context. The love of Christ is knowledgeable by Triune evidence. The
life of Christ assures us that morality is on our side. To understand God’s supreme dignity is understood in the divine context of love. To believe
in love is understand supernatural dignity. The Holy Spirit assures morality and with God’s credibility we can understand love. The Holy Spirit’s
accessibility is in accord with love. With the Trinity we can understand infallibility. With supreme love we can understand infallibility of love.
The supernatural aspect of the Triune God expects us to understand deep and understandable morality. With supreme love we can learn to love the dignity
of God. With God we can learn true infallibility. The exceeding knowledge of the Most Holy Triune God is virtually and spiritually infallible. Virtual
in a sense of moral Word, spiritual, in a sense of divine supreme contextual knowledge. The Holy Spirit’s understanding is infallible. The divine
context of mercy is in accord with love. With the spiritual life of Christ we can understand the morality of prayer. God’s love is spiritual
in a sense of infallible context. The knowledge of supreme Truth assures us that the divine context is love. With spiritual love we can learn infallibility.
And with spiritual capability we can understand divine supreme truth. The love of Christ assures us morality, and the love of God assures us Triune divine
cosmic dependence. The spiritual life of Jesus Christ assures Triune moral evidence. The knowledge of Christian morality supremely signifies Truth.
The divine morality of Truth assures moral credibility. With the purity of the Triune God we can learn true infallibility. For us to understand motions
of the divine God is to understand the deep meaning of charity. With charity there is no single impossibility, lest we bypass God’s Triune morality.


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