Catechism of Royalty modes 1 and 2

  1. We understand reason since its existingly morality exist in Triune Magisterial infallibility. We understand reasoning since its meta-“reality” proposes an understanding of truth. We can morally understand “reality” at its best when technical prospective concerning matters is concernable. The divine systems of infallibility is morally understand when we commit to the apostolic church, in its sacred form.
  2. We can manage love according to the ecclesiastical and moral infallibility of the church. We can see that the definitive achievement of law, which is love, is a credible morality of Marian infallibility. We can see that the church needs substantial nourishment according to the supreme integrity of the Eucharistic life of the church. To see the righteous acts of oneself, is to look in the mirror and understand the ‘meaning’ of life, which in its sacred morality is infallible.

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