Doctoral Nobility on the Papal household lovers ver 1.10

Doctoral Nobility on the Papal household lovers

Doctor Salience, Kin D. Bueno

Diocese of Paranaque under the Magisterial infallible jurisdiction of the Papal diocese of Rome and under the supreme Magisterial diocesan integrity of MOST REV. JESSE EUGENIO MERCADO, D.D.


La Cathoronon

Sacramental interests of the Kin Bueno

La magisterial prayer

The sacramental life

La pente – actualization of choice

Pure actuality

The integrity of moral law supersolves an error in a society full of sin

The zero morality of truth shares about a coincidence of love

The integrity of morality is especially credible in the special times


La pente – error free notion of love

Spiritual life

The notion of loving is a notion of truth in divine understanding

The reality of truth is a real notion of love
Canonical doctors sacred protection based on Peterian truth

La pente – Canonical love one

The reason for dreams is to approve the concept of truth

The reason for love is to understand the dignity of one another

The reason for love is to believe in truth



Seraphic kingdom of love – a royal discovery of free time and recreational means

La pente – zero knowledge of error free truth

The understanding of love consists in knowing moral truth

The reason for interpretation consists in knowing love

The reality of kingdom love is based on royal truth

The integrity of morality is understandable

The integrity of moral love conscious

Pre-existence – la pente royal technology of truth

The integrity of the script wisely exposes the Holy Spirit’s desire

Pre-conception theory – la pente wise decisions of truth

The royal morality of love is based on the scriptural interpretation of messianic truth

Pre-meditation theory – la pente the real truth about Christ

The real notion of resurrection approves a universal truth about love


Eternal kingdom

La pente – physioaccess

The reason for love is incredible

The reason for morality expects us to behave according to  plan

The integrity of reason must be founded


La pente – seeingness

Nobel laureate


The love for truth gives us a rational experience of the same

The moment we conceive time and space the moment we realize its insufficiency

The error in integrity is a focus integrity of error

The real knowledge of truth gives us real time

The divine intention is to love

The real experience transcends human thought


Congregations of existence according to Royal Rome

La pente – sacrificial integrity of truth

The reason for divinization must be according to supernatural love






St. Peter’s congregation

La pente – seriousness of love for ecclesial church

The rational integrity of Eucharistic script knowably approves a universally known talent according to celestial worship unknown to immoral interests

The love for Magisterial morality is sacred

The integrity of morality must be according to royalistic truth

Marian dignity must be respected at all times


Scientific truth

La pente – rationale for success

The integrity of the Word is morally knowable by reason of rosariana or divine truth for love


Holy Family

La pente – egotistical notion of loveness life

The reason for morality must be according to a parish congregational means

The integrity of moral law must be according principles



Relational angelism

La pente – doctrinal theology of conscience

The study of truth must be rational in its dynamic infallibility


Culture for truth

La pente – culture based on Roman conscience

The reason for sinful acts is according to one’s immoral plan


Sacred allegiance

The morality of directions must be according to a state of choice


La pente – relational love of God

Pre-existing truth

The sentence to fees assures us a credible understanding of truth

The divine intention must be reasonable and relational in culturistic interest


La pente – culture of love

Pre-existing love

The reason for morality must be rational

la pente – yourself and myself
The reason for the divine love must be rational
The understanding must be based on secrecy
Correct orthodoxy is understandable logical

la pente – seer of knowledge
The divine intention is to believe in reality
The interests of Christ goes to real truth


Seraphic land

La pente – reasons for morality

The intention to understand is seventy known love


Angelic land

La pente – reasoning for what is moral

The intention to love is supremely one in Triune correction


Trinitarian dogma

La pente – conscious experience of God

The notion of love must be according to real sufficient truth

Use your mind often

Roman empire’s catechism

The sudden real feeling of love gives us a sense of joy and a radical understanding of what love is. Since sin causes us not to believe in what is right, the intention is to understand the supreme natural truth of love.


Vision and its magisterial effects

La pente – Sacristology

The definable reality is meaningful and colorful based on the reality of love



La pente yourself is not yourself

The definable reason for love is credible if we understand the other knowledge based on God’s perspective





Ego system

La pente – rationale for divine language

The interests of Christs go to what is and what is not by reason of its intrinsic evil

The Holy Spirit guides us according to what is real

The intended meaning of the Gospel is universally able by reason of truth and love


St. Gabriel the Archangel

La pente – intention of a divine higher power such as St. Gabriel and family

The Archangel loves eternally


Sunshine eternity

la pente – princesses of Roman jurismorality

The integrity of what’s credible is based on credibility

The integrity of what is real must be real




La pente – tama o mali

The intention to understand is supremely one



La pente – hingeness

The intention to believe is real


New life

La pente – intention to understand the secrecy of truth

The real meaning of love is based on truth and conscience


Observation of new law

La pente – intention to have interest on God

The relational intention must be according to plan

The intention to believe gives us a radical proof to understand

The intention live is according to truth



La pente – intention to divine

The real knowledge to love must be rational


La real presence

Real presence

The expert knowledge of creation is superbly known



La pente – intentionality of truth is based on love

The divine secrecy to believe allows moral repentance


Real time

La pente – sword of love

The intention of truth must be based on divine language of divine intention of existence of truth based on divinity




Spiritual level of the soul in the rational content of love:
la pente – search for material truth

The definable meaning love is credible since eternity is true and the reasoning must be rational according to supremacy of Magisterian infallible knowledge of divine love and divine secrecy of divine truth


Mystical body of Christ

La pente – sense of choice


The reason for divinity is incorrect if divinely made

The reason for God’s divinity is made if infallibly incorrect























Preconception theory



The integrity of the Word of God approves a meaningful life, in the reason of credible choices. Since the theory of perception approves a moral mind behind everything, the theory of exceptionality exist. Within the scale of eternal law, the finality of approvability considers. The Trinity desires moral integrity of Eucharistic eternity, and an eternal interest to one’s soul. Sacramentally, the Logos needs an understanding of cosmic integrity and a biblical righteous integrity to approve a moral truth. The need for communion expounds a reality of truth. Since history cannot repeat by reason of actual proof of scientific morality, the archenemy of Truth remains constant, thus considering a degree of finality, and a degree of correct finality by reason of biblical moral theology. What the consideration of the matter is, that the conception based on pure realistic truth is not by degree possible, thus eternity is in effect a sunshine of interests regarding the divine reality of the physical integrity of the Word of God. Hence a diocese cannot exist without the reason for its bishoprate, or vice versa. The dignity of a priest remains hidden whilst the existence of his understanding remains the same. The physical manifesto of a desire is expected to be brought into being by reason of supracorrectness or a supramoral understanding of the Law. The observance of a Trinitarian truth must rely on the existence of a higher Truth, or an existence of an moral observer regarding eternal law. Moreover, the Trinity desires a justification of approval by reason of theory of Eucharistic reality, or a theory of a real proof of Eucharistic existence. The divine systematic moral knowledges of truth assures us an understanding of supreme integral meaning of the Eucharistic Word. The Holy Spirit’s law’s are approving us a sane understanding of biblical love, or the reason of the proof of existence. The Triune dignity of a saint is moved according only by reason of angelic notion, rather a proof for its anti-thesis must be known by God. The thorough proof for this proof is a notion of universal error of truth and of consideration. The Magisterium reserves the notion to understand the divine intention of a light conscious person, or an intention of an unknown being, rather its existence proves a diocesan error, or an error in a person’s rational thinking. The Trinity desires a unity in understanding of truth, and a unity in relational acceptance of primordial truth. The history of the evidences of sanctity remains rationally able and by reason of truth is exposed according to moral and rational content by reason of Magisterial choice. The starlight supreme natural law is by reason knowable through consideration means, rather Vatican reserves the right to declare an existence of a heresy by reason of approval of speed uneducationality, or a speed erratic reasoning. The Trinity must know first an intention, though rationally He knows goodness. An anti-thesis is known before it even physically able itself of its acceptance. Thus, a rational being sinned, by reason of pre-meditative practices, and a bypass of what canon law has provided.

Premeditation theory

The Triniverse: (Triniversal righteousness)


The Triniverse is understood in the light of holy truth by reason of supreme natural choices of love. The Triniverse is correct since its moral choices are true; the Triniverse and the Triniversity approves that the correct orientation to love is correct. To understand the Triniverse is like understanding our mother in a dimension of ‘truth’. The observation of a diocese approves that the correct orientation to love is correct. The supreme universe, by reason of degree of choices approves a mechanics of love. The dogmatic infallible degree of choices approves a bilocative theory; the systems of morality approves a metaphysics of truth. Since the choices of God approves that the angelic infallibility is possible; the divine choices to believe is correct. The humanistic choices cannot work without the machine, an ecclesial dependency to divine and cosmic infallible love of divine and cosmic truth. The cosmic, and its statural interpretation is possible by reason of supreme divine and cosmic infallible love for the choices for divine truth – hitherto the divine universalia stands orthodox even at a discord at moral choices for love, without disregarding the possibility to believe in eternal law. The Triniverse is a correct orientation by the angelic love a possible truth for choices. The Triniversity, approves the language of the choices to belief by reason of its moral existence. Hence, the universe connives with the spirit of Love by reason of a Triniversal orientation to correct loving choices of supreme ecclesia by reason of jurisprudence of Roman divine and true Magisterium. The bilocation of angel stands correct by reason of supreme naturalia, a divine choice to believe in eternal eternity of infinitely knowing Being of God. The bible stands orthodox since all its claims are correct. With regards to interpretative sciences, the moralia of apostolic truth is possible, this however discredits the claim for doubling truth, not excluding divine paradoxa, metaphysica error, and erroneous interpretation of metaphysicalia of laws. The Triniversity’s relationship with the universalis of moralia, is apostolically knowable by reason of divine Yawhistic infallible moral love – ecclesia.  The ecclesia stands logically correct, since the soul of the church is founded on correct reason; lucidly, not all reasons are correct, since the intentions of the people of God is not clearly defined by reason of statural integrity and apostolic able knowledges. Since the security of the Triniverse stands us correct, by reason of orthodox reasons – primarily of divine intention, the correct love for God is always able, possible, and correct by definition of supreme naturalia morality. The universal law, the unified law, and the unifying law, is correctly relationally true if approved by Vaticania, a  reason for divine proof for its moral existences. The supreme integrity of these laws, approves that the Word of God is liberally able, primordially existingly correct, by reason of divine biblical truth and divine cosmic infallible knowledges of canonical evidence of truth. The metaphysics of the physical reality is always orthodox in its claim only and only if the mathematitia of its proof is guaranteed by the Holy Ghost, and the claim for the intellectual capacity to understand it.





Mystical body of Christ
La pente – sense of choice


The reason for divinity is incorrect if divinely made

The reason for God’s divinity is made if infallibly incorrect



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