Moral law

la pente – moral law (conscience)
the definition of a sacred notion of something must be out of nothing, the desire for moral love is equal to the integrity of Law, since law
adheres to the universality of the moral law, the desire for a Magisterial notion is succeeding. The integrity of Eucharist assures us an understanding of
divine choices, within the seraphic framework of love. The integrity of love assures us a concept of truth. Since history is equally improbable
the definition of love is equally real. The concept of what is must be according to what the notion of love is, otherwise the concept of
immorality is achieved. The intention of the feeling of moral love, must be according a venerable status, otherwise an empire is sacred. The sacred
notion of love is according to plan and according to a Trinity’s desire. Since the Holy Trinity approves a moral concept of love, the Trinity’s desire
is real. The secondary motion of the planet is according to a conspicuous desire, since the Trinity assures that the essence of something is real,
the dignified morality is real. The Holy Spirit’s promptings assures us a concept of moral truth, something to grasp upon, rather moral theology
asserts us a concept of true understanding, a sense of sacramental life. The desire for repentance upholds moral justice, and a feeling of infinite
perfection of beauty and of true moral desire, a feeling of total consecrated liberation. The desire for moral love is sacred since the eternity
of the same is real, the feeling of motion of true love, consecrates us to the divine life, a motion of sacred picturia, a latin concept of true
angelic liberation. The eternity of moral theology approves a liberal status of an angelic desire, a supreme integrity of what consecrative sainthood
a supreme logic for prayer upon hundredfold acceptance, a supreme love for the cross, and an eternal desire for the same. Christ the eternal priesthood
consecrates the bread of life and gives us a wellspring of joy, that lasts for all eternity, the hyperbole of the same, sends to our eternal end,
end to end infinity and above. An infinitely known happiness at the same time, infinite in beauty of angelic perfection, a sense of true beauty
and consecrated love, an infinitely known desire even only found in movie theatres, which is absolutely real, a real perfection of heavenly desire
a true manifestation of angelic truth only can be seen in scripture, which explicates the eternal beauty of the Cross, and the infinitely perfect
beauty of Christ, which is a divine moral theology explicating that we can be saved even at the point of eternal desperation, or even at the
darkness feeling of a logical demonic playground, which doesn’t exist at all, other Christ willing to be save you. The consecrated moral achievement of
eternal law, deposates a concept of eternal city, a true manifestation of biblical desire, and a logical evidence of the Peterian words, saying
go out to mission via the Holy Spirit, and be among our people, to our eternal liberation, be among the poor, and save them from
the slavery of misconception of heaven, the eternity of moral truth is real, since bible and reality attests to the same equality by equality
and true equality up to infinite of moral known infinitude, which is the true one God Himself, representing humanity, representing our sacred notion of love
and a sacred notion of truth, and a concept of true eternal liberation, a mellifluous feeling of the divine air, a garden to begin with, a tenure to
start and a holy tabernacle of eternal desire.

The desire for demonism is irrascible for a fact that its literary rights is superbly superficially void

La pente – natural law
The desire for sacred feeling is rational, the integrity of Catholicism is approval

La pente – eternal law
The sacred notion of success is equal, whilst the moral law of love is real

la pente – divine law
The sacred notions of the divine is real

la pente – environmental statuses (new law)
The desire for moral love is real


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